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Vote: Who looks better, Katrina, Deepika, or Eva?

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Dkumar Banerjee
who looks better
by Dkumar Banerjee on Feb 23, 2014 07:51 PM

EVA is the best.

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Are they really beautiful?
by Manoharan on Feb 20, 2014 08:15 PM  | Hide replies

For me Mother Teresa, Mme Chinna Ponnu from Madurai(remember our PM Vajpayee touched her feet in a function)and numerous ladies selling vegetables,fruits in the scorching sun in the markets and the like are the MOST BEAUTIFUL ladies.

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Re: Are they really beautiful?
by aisakaisa on Feb 20, 2014 08:44 PM
shtoopid comment.

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soutik das
Re: Are they really beautiful?
by soutik das on Feb 21, 2014 09:13 AM
Foolishly Intellectual

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