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5 things lucky people do

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lucky person?
by dineshhassija on Jan 07, 2015 07:45 PM

though most successful people(financially or otherwise) might have followed what the author had concluded but unsuccessful people might too have followed but without any standing in public though they themselves had been more satisfied than most successful persons...

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Vasudev Shetty
Lucky people
by Vasudev Shetty on Jan 04, 2015 06:16 PM

I feelthose people are lucky who always remember that "Our Duty is to Try & not to cry ".

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Good Artical.
by on Dec 15, 2014 11:24 PM

It.is very good points those who kept in mind and becomes the lucky for future life.

Dr.Sudhir Dhote -Nagpur

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Jagjit Ahuja
by Jagjit Ahuja on Dec 15, 2014 11:49 AM

Nothing succeed like success . We all look for success in each and every activity of ours. Luck is a very vague term. It is a matter of chance . When we get desired results , we say we have been lucky . But at the same time when we do no get what we want , we start cursing our luck .Success will come when we follow the following 5 principles of life -
Always be grateful to almighty for what all he has given
Taking care of health
Earning with honesty
Have a good net work
Live and let live

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Ramanarao Kallepally
Everybody is lucky in world
by Ramanarao Kallepally on Dec 14, 2014 07:25 AM

There is no doubt that in world everybody is lucky provided he works sincerely, honestly and earns money without indulging (Print this message) himself in bad activities like drinking of alcohol, gambling, smoking of cigarettes, horse riding sattas and loose characters people will not flourish in world in their life. So every people think about their livelihood and stop to encourage demoralize activities, that is the only solution to live happily in the world. First of jealousy, must not be there in the human beings minds, now-a-days people are thinking earning by easy means, like forgings of signatures, bank burglaries, stoking of two wheeler s, three wheeler s and thieves does not spare to stole four wheelers also which are parked near the cinema theaters, parks which are being meant for walking places for the people for morning walks, all these things are observed by the thieves every day that is their motive to earn their hands to mouth easily, such people cannot survive themselves for a longer period, now-a-days even college IT students, and school students are involving themselves for such wanted activities to meet their pocket money for spending lavishly, which cannot be checked by their countries administrators.

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Shaik Bade Saheb
Luck & Personality Development
by Shaik Bade Saheb on Dec 09, 2014 05:37 AM

Some people are born lucky. It is believed that the place of birth will decide your fate. Can any one compete with Anant Ambani son of Mukesh Ambani? It is that simple. As far as personality development it's nonsensical issue as none of the successful people all over the World ever attended any personality development classess/lectures or read books on the said subject. Even the so called authors of such books are not successful in their personal lives. In combined Andhra Pradesh one such book sold more than 150,000 copies and I am sure not one per cent of the minimum 150,000 readers have succeeded in their attempts. Even the author is a big failure as a film director. Be Practical!

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No lucky
by kapil on Dec 06, 2014 11:33 AM

I am afraid your article heading Lucky people is not right. No one born lucky or unlucky. Hope you may have heard famous English proverb "Luck comes Unexpectedly" and i believe you are a follower of Sir Joseph Murphy. To get intuition one need to be a believer of good or practice meditation, also strong intelligence required to find out differences between mind and subconscious mind the so called intuition.

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