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The Mahatma Gandhi quiz: How well do you know Bapu?

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Prakash Bedekar
by Prakash Bedekar on Jan 30, 2015 11:47 AM  | Hide replies

It is well known fact that so called Gandhism has failed the tests of time and only remembered on his death anniversary. If you forget the Gandhism at the earliest, nation can progress faster

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Sheetal Kaur
Re: Gandhism
by Sheetal Kaur on Feb 01, 2015 10:43 PM
100% Correct, No need to hold on to some one as useless as Gandhi.
freedom india did not come because of Charkaha , It came when the fields of India were watered with the blood of Martyrs.
Gandhi was only a free rider.

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Re: Gandhism
by MKD on Jan 31, 2015 10:52 AM
You are right. Gandhism has failed in our country. We are not voting facists to power, we are breathing the most dirty air, people are killing for thousands of rupee. Now the western leaders (Mr Obama) are lecturing us o unity in diversity and religious tlorance.

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Kina Minna
Re: Re: Gandhism
by Kina Minna on Jan 31, 2015 12:19 PM
Yes sudhakar, using double agent MKganhdee and suing trick of nonviolence crooked westerners brian-washed and fooled all indians or majority huindus to become ennuchs,cowards and mrrrons and this also helped the crooked weterners to loot all our wealth of trillions and trillions of dollasr wihout getting Hurt or keeeeled too! Remembers weterners praise Mkgsdnheee and nonviolence 24 hours a day for the apast 150 years, BUT use Violence 24 Hours a day for the past 2000 years including last 150 years, what a shame!
In fact if Netaji Bose and his INA patriots had not planned naval munity at calcutta, bombay and madras ports, brtish dacoits would not have left our country even now! shame one billlion indians are brianwashed and fooled to belive that MKG and nonvioence helped us to get independence from british dacoits which is 100% false!

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