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C.V. Raman: Google doodles for India's superstar physicist

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Kanu Singh
I have my doubts about, double slit experiment with light..
by Kanu Singh on Nov 07, 2013 10:24 PM  | Hide replies

Concluding that a photon goes through both slits at same time, seems like making you believe about an omnipresent G0d, just because you cannot see his activity in slow motion or details with eyes.

I think whatever measurable results appear on the Screen to notice, they are properties of slits rather than light.

Water also produce interference wave in double slit experiment because of deflected water molecules colliding with each other and changing each other path. If you change the size of slits or change speed of water, the wave pattern on the other side might change.

I think same should be true for photons of light as well.

Once I was on a train with two doors and I noticed a suspicious guy on platform looking at me. I kept sitting and watched which door the guy is taking to enter the train, as soon as the doors start opening, I ran to the opposite door and jumped out.

When the doors closed, the guy was sitting on my seat surprised and I was watching him from platform.

If this guy goes with conclusion of double slit experiment, then I was present at one location until he was watching, but as soon as he was unable to watch me, even for few seconds, I became omnipresent.

I know I was present at only one place at any given time, the guy was surprised because speed of my reflexes might have given him the illusion that, I was present inside and outside the train at almost same time.

Anyway, I don’t know, What is truth ? but my effort here dedicated to Mr. C.V. Rama

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Kanu Singh
Re: I have my doubts about, double slit experiment with light..
by Kanu Singh on Nov 07, 2013 10:29 PM
...dedicated to Mr. C.V. Raman

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Kanu Singh
Re: Re: I have my doubts about, double slit experiment with light
by Kanu Singh on Nov 07, 2013 11:02 PM
The incident described above, happened some time ago, so I don’t remember the details too much, but I think illusion of omnipresence inside and outside the train might have taken place, when the doors opened and the guy started to enter the train.

Even if he wanted to keep a constant eye on me, the doors of the train obstructed his vision and forced him to loose sight of me, I took advantage of those few seconds and created an illusion of omnipresence.

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Kanu Singh
People get confused with time and time travel..
by Kanu Singh on Nov 07, 2013 09:18 PM

I think time is just a measure of change in state of a specific object , referenced to an oscillating change in state of a standard object, agreed upon by humans.

If no change happens in Universe, then concept of time is not possible, as no periodic change in anything present, to set a reference.

Potentially we can set any oscillating or repeating change, to be our reference for time.

Having multiple standard for time can give better accuracy, for example if we reference time with more than one type of atomic clock, then if for some reason atoms in one clock change their decay rate, error can be easily picked up.

Time Travel..

Its strictly change in metabolism of time traveller or periodic change in state of matter in his time machine, which get affected, rest of the Universe is changing at its own pace.

All of us are kind of time traveller moving ahead at our own pace and interaction happens when we share same space-time with others.

We may be born on the same day as a horse but in two years, horse might be running around as grown up, while as human child we are still crawling. If metabolism rate is measure of time travel, then we are moving faster in time than horse, just before his eyes.

To delay your metabolism further then rest of humans and if time travel is true, then moving faster in comparison to them might do the trick. When you see them again, you might appear younger than them.

To age faster than others, taking growth supplements might do the trick.

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chanakya maurya
CVR a legend.
by chanakya maurya on Nov 07, 2013 03:52 PM

After attaining independence Bharatvarsh compelled most of the Nobel stuff to the United States of America out of frustrations of the reservation folly.

Not only the nation building suffered but the foundations have become so weak and vulnerable with the defunct international reputation and chaos on almost all the social, economical and political fronts in the absence of any effective and objective leadership that has threateningly diminished the degree of patriotism in the hearts of the inhabitants of Bharatvarsh who are rudely denied even their own recognition.

With the neighbors jeering Bharatvarsh has opted to travel to Mars with little regard to the dignity of the individuals.

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gopal krishna
Google missed out putting "Sir"
by gopal krishna on Nov 07, 2013 03:01 PM  | Hide replies

Google has missed out on saying Sir C. V. Raman.
It is like showing disrespect.

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Amit Sharma
Re: Google missed out putting
by Amit Sharma on Nov 07, 2013 03:53 PM
Correct it should be Shri...

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