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Bharwan Aloo, Crispy Fried Snapper: Readers share food pics!

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Nirmalya  Sinha
Chicken 65
by Nirmalya Sinha on Sep 05, 2013 02:51 PM

I once tried Chicken 65 at a Malayali restaurant near Dadar Railway station. T was delicious.

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Kanu Singh
Playing around with Material Senses!
by Kanu Singh on Jul 20, 2013 06:21 AM  | Hide replies

If you want to enjoy regular home food as if it’s the best thing you have ever eaten, then just stay hungry for a day or two and eat only, when controlling hunger become too hard.

If you want to be a food critic then eat the best tasting food until you stomach is full, then try to eat similar tasting food being offered for judgment, if you feel like eating bit more after tasting, then may be this food is either better or comparable to your taste.

Sometimes excess of one taste might create more desire for other, so have to careful about it. For example their is more desire for sweet dish after main course because the tongue want to neutralise excess of salt or mixed tastes.

Same goes with other material pleasure like movies, if you never saw a movie or television before, first movie you watch will feel like a dream or fantasy. If you keep watching movies of one genre regularly, soon you will start behaving like a movie critic for that genre.

Always remember senses get used to any stimuli/sensation and it might affect level of pleasure achieved, so play with your material senses as best suited to circumstances!

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Re: Playing around with Material Senses!
by Varun on Aug 03, 2013 10:54 PM
then why the H it's not the same with x? why India's population is so rich?

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