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How the IIM's 1-yr MBA is different from an Exec MBA

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Get some education
by x on Jan 21, 2013 04:22 PM

It is clearly irksome to the author, who himself seems to have done 1 year MBA from one of the top Indian Institutes.

Executive MBA in the west is meant for the accomplished and experienced managers who not only bring unrivaled texture and richness to the learning experience but also possess analytical skills, understanding, confidence and language to influence strategy at all levels of their organization. The idea is to develop a leader, a well rounded business executive, and not just a specialist in Finance (Investment Banking craziness), Marketing (incl Brand Management), HR, etc.

How many candidates in India (take any MBA (2 yr. MBA, 1 Yr. MBA, or Exec MBA) or any institute (IIM, ISB, FMS, etc.) have the skills and experience mentioned above when they join B school.

We still have a culture where freshers, with a top IQ, are admitted to top schools.

No doubt, Executive MBA is abused in India by IIM's and other institutes, at least, you, my dear well educated author, aren't expected to do the same.

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Super Mann
Exec MBA
by Super Mann on Jan 14, 2013 03:44 PM

Exec MBA is useless if you don't have any managerial or leadership experience!

If you are a fresher, don't join it just because the institute tells you "very few seats are available" or "availability of future seats cannot be guaranteed so easily" or "you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to enhance your career"!

Any institute that offers Exec MBA to freshers is not be trusted!

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