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Why this 27-year-old pastry chef is taking Mumbai by storm

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Amitabh  Hazarika
Method: Bullet (no. 6)Point
by Amitabh Hazarika on May 22, 2015 11:15 AM

Could you please mention the time period, 200 degree centigrade for HOW LONG?

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preeti godiyan
by preeti godiyan on Aug 10, 2013 10:02 AM


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franklin wilson
by franklin wilson on Aug 10, 2013 12:52 AM

her competition is with Kallu halwai who owns the shop next to hers.

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prakash sharma
nothing great ...!!
by prakash sharma on Aug 08, 2013 11:51 PM

when her parents r so well off.. that they can send their daughter to places like switzerland and france..just like that . and her family has a long history of restaurant business.. so she got all the stuff readymade..!! or else setting up a new business in a place like mumbai without any support is near impossible these days

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Re: Nobody
by Bharat on Aug 08, 2013 11:45 AM
Well said - rediff should introduce a button of like - FB way

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by jack on Aug 07, 2013 09:10 PM

They really look delicious

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