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IN PICS: India's most glorious temples

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Ramesh Yagnik
Missing List will be longer than this article -
by Ramesh Yagnik on Aug 12, 2013 11:51 AM

1) 'Shiv Temple in Verul (Ellora) caves', - is of '7 - wonders of world' standard- carved out of monolitic hill - chiselled out hudreds of tons of rock - to make it two storied structure. Started from the the top Kalash & the whole building, , sculptures, sculptural frames, Internal halls etc were all carved out - with no chance for mistake. The most wonderful thing is the prediction of that particular hill to be monolithic - or else the whole project & efforts would have been a waste.

2) Meenakshi mandir, Madurai
3) Khajuraho temples
4) Sun Temple of Konark

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Kerala temple architecture
by piri on Aug 07, 2013 05:07 PM  | Hide replies

is known the world over for its unique style (more wood and tiles than the usual stone used elsewhere in India), characteristic features, intricate lay outs and carvings and great aesthetic beauty.

The Kerala style is very closely allied to the land's ambience of calmness, serene beauty and quiet style.

A few of the most representative examples are the Guruvayoor, Vaikom and Vadukkunatha temples. There are innumerable smaller examples.

Kerala temple architecture is so unique that the subject is a distinct paper for students of architecture in the state.

Perhaps Rediff will do well to consider a feature on Kerala temples.

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shashidhar prasad
Re: Kerala temple architecture
by shashidhar prasad on Aug 10, 2013 10:46 PM
Temples in Coastal areas of Kerala and Karnataka has these features ( tiles and wood). In Karnataka, to name few - Mookambika ( Kollur ) and Dharmastala

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