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Why home loan customers are happy this Gudi Padwa!

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Save Western Ghats
by anuradhakumari on Apr 11, 2013 07:23 PM

Important is that A harmonious and sustainable development is needed... Most Important is that Western Ghats (near Mumbai, Pune etc.) needs to saved and preserved but mindless Hill cutting is there near Panvel, Neral, Asangaon, Shahpur, Somthane, Thane etc. Building and Construction activites have reached at the foot hills of MATHERAN.... Trees are cut endlessless (with mango Indians NOT BOTHERING). Green area is shrinking.... Due to the green cover, clean environment, rain water on hills go to form rivers etc (eventually). But now the traditional method seems and WILL get DEFUNCT soon....... ECOLOGIST, ENVIRONMETALISTS have to think........ The whole Pune is seems has become CONCRETE SLUM...Charm of Lonavala is not that as it used to be in 1970s.. A Generation ago we had green jungle but now we have CONCRETE Jungle.. As per Sunday 31 March 2013 TOI, Mumbai Edition article, "Green SPACES lessen stress and improve concentration" Scientists have proved that green lungs/ spaces are aslo needed for a harmonious life. WITHOUT GREEN, even the CONCRETE JUNGLE will not FLOURISH......... (Only) Mangoes must think for a minute on this topic......... Some Technical points raised cannot be countered/ answered easily...... But one day, we may be forced to find an answer...... till then we all enjoy (carelessly).

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