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'Discipline and self study key to sucess'

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Kanu Singh
My Secret to Success..
by Kanu Singh on Apr 13, 2013 06:19 AM  | Hide replies

Success has different meaning for different people, I feel success in preserving my morality and ethics while doing hard work to survive.

We might not be a bad person but when pain of physical work become unbearable, we might be tempted to cheat or be rude with others, in order to escape our own physical pain.

I unknowingly trained like soldiers from English movie Universal Soldiers with a Motivator called love or attraction. I don’t recommended this madness to anybody but it worked for me!

I was around 18 years old and my girlfriend was taller and healthier than me, all boys used to laugh at me and make jokes.

My parents got me admitted in a coaching college for medical entrance, but I was more interested in growing taller. So, I stopped going to college and start spending that time on ground, doing stretching exercise for hours and eating bananas with college fee.

After some time the girl moved to another town and my parents came to know, “What I was doing? and stopped giving me any money in hand. Then I used to go in bicycle to meet the girl in her college some sixty kilometres away and do the round trip in few hours.

Anyway I was not able to marry that girl and didn’t grew taller but the exercise helped me a lot while doing hard labour Overseas.

All boys used to shout at each other and try to show the boss that, they can be a manager and escape the physical pain. But I used to keep working with a smile and help other workers, who looks too tired

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Kanu Singh
Re: My Secret to Success..
by Kanu Singh on Apr 14, 2013 01:48 AM
Just to make sure that I am honestly describing other people, few boys other then me were interested in doing their own work and helping each other out. But most boys who can speak good English were unnecessarily directing others and arguing over silly things, just to show the Boss that they can be Manager and can push others to work harder.

I did not understand that behaviour at that time, but now I think I know, Why some boys were rude at work? specially when the big Boss is around, and were very kind and friendly after work.

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Kanu Singh
Re: Re: My Secret to Success..
by Kanu Singh on Apr 17, 2013 06:30 PM
In the above story the intended moral was that as long as possible try not to exploit or be rude with weak and innocent people.

Sometimes to save ourselves, we might be forced to cheat or rude with poor weak people but try not to make it a habit and avoid it as long as possible, its not the ideal or moral behaviour.

I am writing this because I have seen few Hindi movies, in which good people become too rigid about moral and principles and finally bad guys make them commit suicide.

Remember your Moral and principles will only Survive when you Survive..

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