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Students get travel discount in Oz to prevent race atacks

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Ramesh M
Appalling and Pathetic conditions
by Ramesh M on Oct 30, 2012 09:43 AM

Why go and study where you are not respected and welcomed? Thats point one.

Point two, is that most of the students there end-up taking odd jobs (carton packing, washroom cleaning, garbage bin collection and yes..CABBIES.....EVEN after they have graduated from these colleges). Some students MAY make it to some decent jobs..but most of the indians there end up with those jobs that none of the australians there themselves wouldnt want to take up.

Back in india, Australian Degree is not considered a worthy addition to your academic kitty.

Just for the fantasy of getting a PHOREN degree our students suffer there manifold.

I sympathise with them. (i met a few students there who gave me this firsthand info...ok..i had gone there for a business trip for banks..)

We have lost self-respect there. Indians are LOOKED downupon there. Even chinese are treated with much respect.

Wake up guys..find your redemption..in whatever way you can

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