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Diwali recipes: Barfi, cakes and more!

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manoj kumar
how much you can eat.
by manoj kumar on Nov 05, 2012 12:31 PM  | Hide replies

Indian already eat too much unhealthy food every day. that explain why we have people with most disease and dont live longer. In west they eat salad and only foods that are good for body. they also exercise a lot. mentally calm. In india our mind is always agitated with ego centerd coversation. root cause is we are not sensitive to needs and feelings of others. this causes big mental unrest and agitation. we need to learn this thing more important on Diwali than just eating more sugars and fried stuff.

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Yasmin Bhat
Re: how much you can eat.
by Yasmin Bhat on Nov 07, 2012 04:46 AM
A lot of unhealthy food is eaten in the West also. Processed meats, white bread, refined flours and sugars and ofcourse the fast food. An Indian diet of dal, roti, sabzi, curd etc is actually very healthy. But you are right, we do need to be more socially aware and community oriented, and what better time to start than Deepavali?

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