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The many health benefits of eating NUTS

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Baingan Bharta
I love
by Baingan Bharta on Aug 07, 2012 11:21 AM


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Ajit Birdi
Nuts benefits and Alergy
by Ajit Birdi on Jul 31, 2012 07:32 PM  | Hide replies

Nuts are killer if you are allergic to them. but if you have eaten peanuts before you are safe.
It is the children whom are more vulnerable.
Nuts are killer their allergy attacks the respiratory tract like acute asthma where it makes difficult for a child or any one with allergy to nuts.
If your child has an attack of asthma like symptoms make sure you consult your doctor straight away.
Get rid of all Nuts and any product containing Nuts.
Don't eat or touch nuts even if you are not allergic but your action can be fatal to the child at home.
Make sure you wash your hands before you make any contact with a allergic child or any one else.
always carry all the medication that has been prescribed with you, (Forgetting them at home is not an excusable action), you will kill the child or the allergic person in your care.
mostly adrenaline injection is prescribed, it should be administrated as soon as the reaction starts. and another one after 10 minutes, if no change get the patient to hospital fast.
Tell the school about the child's allergy to nuts.
never allow any one to give child any thing such as sweets,ice cream without asking you first you, It is better to loose a friend or a relative then your child.
You will have to skip going to restaurants, religious functions and parties where there is no control over the use of Nuts.
I have a grand son who is allergic and I know first hand the effect of Nuts, we don't allow any nuts in the house,

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Ajit Birdi
Re: Nuts benefits and Alergy
by Ajit Birdi on Jul 31, 2012 07:39 PM
We have informed all our friends and relatives.
before attending any function we ask if any Nuts will be used, if the answer is No yes then we will attend otherwise No, we did have few friends and relatives who turned away from us because we did not attend , then who cares.
Once the came to know about the allergy they all came back.
My Grandson is more important then any relative of friend regardless of who he/she or they may be.
His school operates a NO NUTS OR NUT PRODUCT policy , so he is safe there.
One thing good here in UK is that there is a doctor attached to all schools collages Universities and work places, If any child falls sick Parents are informed and doctor called t if he think that the patient needs hospital treatment then the doctor will arrange and next of kn informed.

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Re: Re: Nuts benefits and Alergy
by mang on Aug 01, 2012 02:55 PM
You are a NUT..

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altaf khan
nuts nuts everywhere
by altaf khan on Jul 31, 2012 03:21 PM  | Hide replies

this time rediff has copied a good piece. but all nut eaters must check whether they are allergic to nuts. any nut allergy can be more harmful than the benifits listed above.

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Re: nuts nuts everywhere
by rick on Jul 31, 2012 03:48 PM
And also the concern related to emissions from nut eaters

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Michael Ponnudurai
Re: Re: nuts nuts everywhere
by Michael Ponnudurai on Aug 01, 2012 02:39 PM
good one! ha hahaha haha

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