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Excerpt: Shocking culture of the casting couch

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Mercifully I was not followed
by a on Oct 02, 2012 08:04 PM

He does not need to follow you. There will a dozen girls more beautiful than you standing in line and ready to do to him whatever he wants. A few failures later, you will be following him like a street canine to get some moolah.What did you expect, he will jump at you and you will go around the world announcing how irrestibile you were to this big shot director, or go to the police and destroy his life. These guys are too clever for little publicity hungry runts like you

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by a on Oct 02, 2012 07:59 PM

These women are such pathetic hypcrites, it hurts.
The whole world knows how women get work in movies, and this innocent lamb did not.
You did not sleep with 'sir'. But someone else will. And that someone else will achieve succes compared to you, while you still keep running from nudist men. Afterall there is nothing special about you. You probably dont even have a kindergarten level training in acting. You will come on the screen with your beautiful face and insufferable acting and mint money. But there is no dearth of beautiful women who want to mint money. And anyway with the kind of work women do in movies, your money finally comes from sx straved men drooling for your flesh.
This is not a government job. It is his money, his risk, his time. If you dont want to sleep with him, take your body somewhere else and stop your hypcritical behavior.

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by June on Jul 15, 2012 07:02 PM

What a badly written novel: neither style nor substance. Sad to see the state of 'literature' in India these days. Sadder that it's popular! First Chetan Bhagat (ugh!), now this.

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such jano
bolywood is all aout
by such jano on Jul 11, 2012 11:56 PM

you should have a taste for "gana aur buzana" else dont step in there.

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Suraj Kumar
by Suraj Kumar on Jul 11, 2012 10:31 PM

This novel proves that Bollywood is a b r o t h e l.

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d k
Every one is correct, but has to think before start
by d k on Jul 11, 2012 01:08 PM

Dont wanty to take any ones name here. but want to make few things clear..

He offerred flight ticket and five star hotel accommodation, again we are expecting him to offer a lead role, expecting stardom, superstar status, facilities, celebrity status, money... so many to name.

But tellme what he is getting, nothing, but we want every thing.. its not her or every one want like this..

better option is we have to hire ourslef a director, we have produce our self.. and every thing to overself..

I think here we should not blame him or her, she want some thing he want some thing.. as she is girl/lady commonly have sympathy, so he/producer/director becoming villain in their life or view.

So better way is to sit at home cook and serve.

My intention is not to hurt the girl or director or any.. you dont expec any thing from any one, and none wont expect from your bat clear hai..

Sorry if i hurt some one

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Message deleted by moderator. | Hide replies
by Terminator on Jul 11, 2012 01:30 PM
First look at ur self then point out others, Amir khan cud be a better person compare 2 ur hole dyn@st!. I think u r one more F... SRK fffaaann.

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