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PIX: Famous gurus from mythology

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future gurus
by privatemail on Jul 19, 2016 12:16 PM

sonia (foreign guru) rahul (Buddhu guru) vadra (Land guru) manmohan (maun guru) digvijay (blunder guru) jairam ramesh (comedian guru) mani shankar iyer (sicular guru) chidambaram (2g guru) etc. waiting lists upadted later

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Modern day gurus
by original on Jul 22, 2013 07:55 PM  | Hide replies

Even though the article is half baked googled one, Compare it to modern day gurus..
1) Guru of religion of Peace -> Second largest population in the world and we all know about their contribution to world peace or shall I say piece.
2) Guru of salvation and sacrifice -> World's most followed or shall i say consortium of converts have been dropping packets from heavens and japan got a good amount of it.
3)Asaram Bapu,Sri sri ,Zakir naik,Nithyanandam etc....

Point is all living beings are created equal and unique. It's society surroundings and indoctrination via tv and other mediums that has led to this stage. Mother nature brought us to this world because we were required or needed that is sufficient enough to justify ones existence. One is always running behind recognition etc.... but entire universe needed you that's why u are here else u would have been aborted naturally or some other way.

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Re: Modern day gurus
by original on Jul 22, 2013 08:02 PM
Point is don't be a blind follower and turn mortal beings as mighty god's. Religion , marriage was invented by humans for grouping and better survival chances. We have passed those stages ages ago. In animal kingdom they can't produced grains or meat hence all violence is about food ,survival and shelter. Given that we so called human's have to evolve from our monkey genes. All so called gurus evolved and connected to universe in modern day parlance wi fi to universe hosted on cloud. Rest were acidic heads... That's why it is called moh-may in Sanskrit which means illusion and given that everything we see and say is a product of human thought i.e. nothing but imagination in our heads. We decided to call a being as human,cat,leopard,lion,tiger,dog etc.... Do u think they care what we call them ???

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Re: Re: Modern day gurus
by original on Jul 22, 2013 08:06 PM
People hate to use old age stuff in their daily lives but are stick to 5000 yeas old scriptures or 3rd or 4th century religious books from desert land. Why can't we move on from there too instead of cliché's like wisdom survive test of time etc.... and make world a better place for all living beings. I imagine a day when there wont be any religion,customs,traditions on planet earth and that would be heaven unto ourselves.

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by Cricket on Sep 06, 2011 03:13 PM  | Hide replies

Mythology?? hmm very loosely used word by these foools. rediff type of sites would rather believe in Sharukh Khan rather than Ved Vysa. These type of writings are part of communist-leftist-convent controlled media which is systematically trying to do away anything that is Indian. First it was xuslims then it was European Xtians and now it is Commie-Congress-Missionaries ...evil nexus

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Rochan Dayal Mathur
Re: Rediff
by Rochan Dayal Mathur on Aug 26, 2012 05:51 AM
what is wrong with the word mythology?
y can't you ad ur right-wing hindu friends let everyone live peacefully??

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sanjeev choudhary
Chaankya- greatest Guru
by sanjeev choudhary on Sep 06, 2011 09:20 AM

There is no mention of Chaanakya - the great guru of ChandraGupta Maurya.

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