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Secret to success: Run with your mind, be unstoppable

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by outofstep on Jan 05, 2015 12:25 PM

The writer has reached his position through politics and skull duggery. I have heard this kind of sanctimonious talk too often to be taken in.

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by ALI MOHAMMED on Mar 28, 2012 05:03 PM

In Physics / Science--it is the VOLTAGE that DRIVES the CURRENT and NOT the Vice-Versa.
Hence, the WILL POWER is the REAL VOLTAGE that DRIVES The WORLD and the COSMOS.
The ONLY PROBLEM is to Understand this FACT.
In ARABIC Language-"Kun Fayakoon." i.e. Ho Jaa aur Ho Jaataa hai.And in Sanskrit-"TATHAASTU." (the same).
Dr.Allama Eqbal has said-"Nigaahe Mard-e-Momin se Badal jaati hain TAQDEEREN."--A SINGLE GLANCE OF A "MOMIN" i.e. A Pure Hearted Man (from any Religion) is So Powerful TO CHANGE THe DESTINY OF A PERSON.
ALI MOHAMMED, Nr.Somani College,JODHPUR (Rajasthan)

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kp singh
words work better than medicines
by kp singh on Dec 15, 2011 08:39 AM

One line can change the whole life of someone even I have experienced it I was in Air Force and every morning during my physical training
I use to feel like giving up and thinking to go out of this but when my instructor used the same sentence I proved to be better than many
Thanks for rememorizing my old gold days.
I am sure people will understand the real meaning of your words and change their life.

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sharan dsouza
Its always Body & Mind.
by sharan dsouza on Dec 05, 2011 10:09 AM  | Hide replies

Nonsense dis is. After 10 miles he is lucky, to not collapse and die. Never listen to such wordly advises.

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Re: Its always Body & Mind.
by srini on Jan 04, 2012 09:43 AM
Most important is the mind. The mind can instruct the body to do what it wants. If your stuck in the body , then its the end, as the physical strength is limited. If you are in the mind, then the body can be adjusted as per to the requirement. What you are today in the body is the sum total of the mind.

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truth of motivation
by ouseph on Dec 04, 2011 06:47 PM

This article is really and truely motivating anyone who works for success in life. Success is not an end it is journey.

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Yogesh Khuha
Good Article
by Yogesh Khuha on Dec 01, 2011 02:23 PM

I have experienced same feeling. Good one

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Yogesh Khuha
Very Good
by Yogesh Khuha on Dec 01, 2011 02:22 PM

Very Good Article.

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by focus on Dec 01, 2011 12:05 PM  | Hide replies

these r chances givn of 1 in 100000. rest ppl fail to succeed.

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Vijay Gunasekaran
Re: e
by Vijay Gunasekaran on Dec 01, 2011 01:46 PM
i am compelled to say "yes".

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