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Quiz: Test your home loan knowledge

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Nitin Betharia
Question 9
by Nitin Betharia on Nov 24, 2011 12:04 PM

9. Can tax benefit be availed on principal and interest components of a home loan?

Answer should be c. Only in some particular cases (as principal is not allowed u/s 80C) if loan is not taken from bank or financial institution) while interest is allowed u/s 24 even if taken from other than bank/FI

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Alok P
Q.7 is wrong
by Alok P on Nov 23, 2011 03:09 PM  | Hide replies

correct the option b

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porndy singh
Re: Q.7 is wrong
by porndy singh on Nov 23, 2011 03:18 PM
seems like it was copy-pasted from the previous question abt Fixed interest :)

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Ganesh V
Re: Re: Q.7 is wrong
by Ganesh V on Nov 24, 2011 02:46 PM
Answer C is right since your EMI will reduce or term of EMI will reduce if the interest rates drops.

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Anand YNI
Quiz: Test your home loan knowledge
by Anand YNI on Nov 23, 2011 02:43 PM  | Hide replies

This quiz is for a beginner.

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lakshmi narayana
Re: Quiz: Test your home loan knowledge
by lakshmi narayana on Nov 23, 2011 05:18 PM
very well said. even a child will know answers to all these questions. waste of time.

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