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Travel: In Budapest these kids drive a train!

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Notwithstanding whatever was said about the
by piri on Nov 27, 2011 12:05 AM

Children's railway, the most remarkable facet of the visuals is the spotlessly clean appearance of the stations and tracks !

And that is indeed quite overwhelmingly remarkable for any Indian - so used to filth and squalor everywhere in his country - is it not ??

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Saju Anaghan
Railway managed by children
by Saju Anaghan on Nov 24, 2011 05:09 PM

This should be aptly titled as railway managed by children.

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shyam sandeep
child labour...
by shyam sandeep on Nov 22, 2011 11:42 AM  | Hide replies

in india we would dismiss this a child labour and stop it,

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Pat Thakur
Re: child labour...
by Pat Thakur on Nov 22, 2011 05:27 PM
Sure!!! Why doesn't Sonia call off her child then? That'll be a biggest favour on the Indians, then.

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jamey juty
Re: Re: child labour...
by jamey juty on Nov 22, 2011 07:05 PM
Oh! man,. for this also Sonia bashing.
Ur too much paranoid , pervert and frankly a big loosser.

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Re: Re: child labour...
by Zeng on Nov 22, 2011 07:29 PM
Please.. are you RSS guys not supposed to be sensible, ever in your life? Have you ever heard of feelings like appreciation, love, kindness? Or just hatred is all that is taught to you.

May be, this post reveals the problem with our system. We produce nothing other than politically / religiously brainwashed morons!

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Re: Re: Re: child labour...
by Zeng on Nov 22, 2011 07:30 PM
message above was for Pat Thakur

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deepak yadav
Re: Re: child labour...
by deepak yadav on Nov 26, 2011 11:41 AM
hey...y drag sonia in everything,,,,cant enjoy a beautiful journey memoir....uff

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