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Shubha Mudgal on her first job, salary and guru

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Gaurav GUPTA
She is an amazing Singer
by Gaurav GUPTA on Mar 25, 2011 04:54 PM

She is an amazing singer , remember her track "ab Ke Sawan" i mean her voice in full flow could give any singer today a run for her money..Too bad she was critisized heavily for "going away from her roots". I think the playback singers of that time might have sensed a threat and hence started that campain.She must experiment without being afraid of so called "critics"

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Raj Thackersey
by Raj Thackersey on Mar 24, 2011 11:28 AM


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Balan Iyer
Indian Classical Music
by Balan Iyer on Mar 23, 2011 01:28 PM  | Hide replies

India is a topper only in one field,i.e.,Indian
Classical Music as all the Indian Languages starting from Hindi onwards are very beautiful in the musical format,whereby scoring a hit ov
er English.But in other areas of functioning,
we are a big tragedy.

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Re: Indian Classical Music
by Narakasur on Mar 23, 2011 01:37 PM
I dont think it is fair to compare Indian classicla (Hingustani or Carnatic) with western. They are all great. Different people appreciate different music based on their tastes.
But I loved what you said about Indians topping only one thing. 60 years after self rule and with one fifth of humanity, we still sing "India gave zero to the world".

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Gururaj S
Re: Indian Classical Music
by Gururaj S on Mar 23, 2011 02:10 PM
I think we have many positives, while there is so much to do in this vast country. For one, the illiteracy, corruption, poverty, greed at various levels, lack of accountability in government, politics, etc., hurt the progress of India a lot.

When you consider any event, which calls for individual committment, many Indians have done extremely well and well recognized the world over, for their work - be it in sports, science, culture, literature, etc. We have more failures in group activities, be it in sport, or work. Again, when there is top quality leadership that motivates people, we have seen excellent results in many spheres.

I believe, most people give up too easily, or would like to say 'this is not my work', this is their headache, this is for them to solve, this is their fault, etc. Many do not want to take ownership for even small things or question when things are going wrong.

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