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How to fight cellulite with yoga

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Shameem Akhtar,Yoga Expert !!- Rediff has starnge ways always!!
by trader on Feb 21, 2011 12:31 PM

Why it is necessary to tell in loud speakers always that Rediff is Secular?!!Is Rediff feeling so insecure that they have to tell loudly that they are secular? As far as I understand,Hindus are the predominant majority of readers for Rediff!!Otherwise how we can take a Muslim as a Yogacharya explaining about Yoga in Rediff,when milions of Hindu Yoga experts are the masters of yoga and have done more in Yoga than any other muslim or christian has achieved in Yoga!!!Now I know that there are lot of people crying that why Muslim should not be projected as the Yoga expert in Rediff!!I dont have any issue but I only am disgusted at the intention behind this act!Just like Aman ki Asha where we are literally begging for peace with paikstan which is much inferior and feeble country!!Same way we want desperately to project Muslims as yoga experts(since when!!)to show our secularism and that we treat everyone equally when nowhere in the world people are treated equally!US websites never interview an Indian or Muslim on a subject related to Rocket science just to get Hindu or Muslim readers!!

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useful yoga done by spineless woman
by BHARATMATAKIJAI on Feb 18, 2011 11:17 PM


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