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5 things a B-school will not tell you

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Subbaram Ranganathan
MBAs and Institutes
by Subbaram Ranganathan on Aug 09, 2011 02:56 PM

Information shared by students from different institutes seem to be one sided..I have been teaching MBAs for the past 30 odd years and I find that of late students are more interested in getting placements which they think they are capable of. In the present day context, a student has to undergo lot of orientation in respect of a Master's class and they have no ilk of this. They come to MBA institutes with the only motive of joining an MNC without even knowing what exactly an MNC is. Further, they also blame lecturers and professors not having industrial knowledge. There are many of them who are prepared to do lot of industrial connectivities or net working but the students are rare to accept these types of mentorship. Of oourse, the MBA market is so competitive, that there are situations where individual institutes resort to unethical practices. But in India this is all common and we have developed a tendency to accept all these...Not one Anna 'Hazare' but Anna 'Karode' is necessary..all the best
Prof.Ranganathan Aiyar Pune

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CEO in half a decade..
by kiran on Aug 09, 2011 01:41 PM

Vishal Nair, Have you ever worked in any organisation? Do you even know the names, profiles and experience of CEOs of leading organisations? You think by doing an MBA in a good B school you can become CEO of a leading organisation in 5 years? hahaha... Your industry understanding is dismal..

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subhash pais
NL Dalmia
by subhash pais on Aug 09, 2011 01:38 PM

NL Dalmia is among the top B-Schools in India and most rates among the top 35 in most B-School surveys. I am sure the Institute can do more in terms of promoting itself but i do not believe that Mira Road is a bad place for a B-School. I have been to NL Dalmia and found the location to be easy to get to and also in a very quiet and serene place with ample space.

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