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mallaiah anchoori
my salutes to my Guru Gopi Reddy
by mallaiah anchoori on Sep 05, 2010 08:46 PM  | Hide replies


I gratefully acknowledge the teachings & the values taught by my "gurus"-especially my school teachers-prominent among whom are Shri "Pulusu Gopi Reddy" who is still popular with his pen name"Pogi"and late S/Shri Y.K.sastry (Yaddanapudi Kodanda Rama Satry),the then Head Master of our great school -A V V High School,Warangal who epitomized discipline,my beloved Telugu teachers- late Hariradha Krishna Murthy who is responsible for all my love & liking for Telugu literature and late Vishwanatha Venkateshwarlu(none other than one of the two younger brothers of late Kavisaamraat Vishwanaadha Sathyanaaraayana) whose melodious rendition of the Telugu poems still echo in my ears ultimately leading me take up the mammoth rendition projects of Telugu poetry-say like that of the entire "Pothana Bhagavatham",Sreemadraamaayana Kalpa Vrukshamu"etcWhenever I remember my school teachers tears roll in my eyes & feel that I cannot redeem their debt of moulding me as what I am today.It is the basic foundation laid by them which made me learn whatever I know today.Though our Gopi Reddy Sir was a task mater & believed in the proverb- "spare the rod & spoil the child"I still discreetly remember the boundless affection he showered on me as his pet student.

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mallaiah anchoori
Re: my salutes to my Guru Gopi Reddy
by mallaiah anchoori on Sep 05, 2010 08:49 PM
(Contd from my above post)
How can I forget his decision of postponing the monthly test to some other date just because I happened to be absent on that day due to ill health?How can I forget the incident of awarding full marks to my answer to a wrong question inadvertently?I cannot also forget the incident of his being also harsh / impartial & punishing me by a flashy slap when I was not listening to what he was teaching but was paying my ear to the rendition of Telugu poem by "Vishavwanaatha"?Those were the days when the relationship unlike of these days flourished like that of a father & beloved son.The teachers were repositories of knowledge & imparted all the values needed for an over all personality development & character building of a student in contrast to the present system where the education has become a means to earn & hence a business. It was a noble profession for the teacher & a life style full of humility & obedience for the taught.Sadly enough theses days,seldom a teacher has love for his student & a student respect for his teacher.Even after 47 years of my leaving the school,my teacher Gopi Reddy still continues to be my mentor & I cherish all the memories of my school days associated with him.Long live Gopi Reddy Sir!!May all the souls of my late other teachers who guided me equally rest in peace!!

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S. Ravichandran,
Kolkata class XI student Kruthika Ramakrishnan's dedication:
by S. Ravichandran, on Sep 04, 2010 10:52 AM

It is a very true statement for Kruthika to have spelled about the Principal of APeeJay School-Park Street, Kolkata.
I have two sons who joined this school a year back with their previous schooling at Chennai, one in 5th and other in 10th in the same school and their attitude has changed to accept the challenges and environment. Credit goes to the principal and her team of warm hearted teachers who take extreme care in nurturing and motivating children to cope to changes in life around us.
FIVE KUDO's to this lady, Ms. RITA CHATTERJEE Principal APeeJay Kolkata.
S. Ravichandran, Berger Paints-Kolkata

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uday kadam
Salutations to my teachers!
by uday kadam on Sep 02, 2010 08:54 AM

A teacher is not some one who just gives lectures to finish the syllabus, but a mentor who does everything to see that his/her student excels in life! I was lucky to have such marvellous teachers throughout my school life! Thank you dear teachers for everything!

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Telex Pandian
teachers - I hate
by Telex Pandian on Sep 02, 2010 08:43 AM

All my teachers screwed me... so i dont want to write about them

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My Teacher
by hihello on Sep 01, 2010 11:31 PM

What can be describe about the best.


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