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Sachin Gupta
Student or College, which matters the most?
by Sachin Gupta on Jan 06, 2011 05:26 PM

Can a debate be started over this?
I believe, its Student personal attributes and skills, which should be valued and not the college from which it has passed out.
Also, it must also be seen that how he has developed himself over the years and under what circumstances...that will tell us his true worth!

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by S S on Oct 07, 2010 05:44 PM  | Hide replies

The mindset of the writer seems to be corrupted.Do people do MBA only for money.Smatr people do it as ti changing their thinking and life.

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utpal bhuyan
Re: nonsense
by utpal bhuyan on Oct 11, 2010 02:37 PM
Thougwe are not supposed to say it in the PI, most of us do it for the money,most not all.

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Is there any research to track the growth of IIM Grad ??
by RAJ on Oct 07, 2010 04:45 PM  | Hide replies

Is there any research done by our Top B schools to show the track record of the graduating students of last 10 years. If they can show us with specific numbers ie 100 graduated in 2000, 2001,2002,2003 onwards and how many years they spent in first job , second and so on. They can show a 45degree chart with avg length of service of each batch and how many jobs they changed in 10 yrs for 2000 batch and in 9yrs for 2001 batch. This data will open eyes for corporates hunting big college students. I have requested many top research companies in India , many corporates and few consultants but surprisingly no data is available . This should be done by the placement offices of Big institutes like even IIMs and FMS etc to improve their credibility. I would also request readers from our big institutes to evaluate them selves on this criterion.
Hold on.. before writing any loose comment to this suggestion... my background..am an top notch Engg institute background with One of the top grade MBA inst pass out with 23 years exp. Pl comment and suggest the research available. I also request Rediff and this author to publish any report on this. Bye and Jai Hind.

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Jason Bourne
Re: Is there any research to track the growth of IIM Grad ??
by Jason Bourne on Oct 07, 2010 05:30 PM
Raj, The issue with that type of thinking is the concept of "average". Who wants to earn "average" income after going through an elite school?

The ROI depends more on the person, and less on the institute. After 10 years of graduation, who cares what the "average" income from that class is? Either they got what they wanted out of that degree (money/position/experience/contacts) or they did not.

As my b-school class mate once said, "conventional thinking yields conventional results".

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Bhasmasur Rakshasa
Re: Re: Is there any research to track the growth of IIM Grad ??
by Bhasmasur Rakshasa on Oct 08, 2010 01:38 PM
Great reply.......atleast one person in this forum has the courage to call a spade a spade...

I know IIM grads who are low status maggots in companies like TCS, Infy earning a pittance.....media creates the impression that every IIM grad is a high flying globe trotting investment banker who has married a high society chick and they holiday in the Bahamas.....sure, some of them do, but that is less than 5% of the batch.....

There are some IIM grads who get their place under the sun, some who earn their place under the sun and then some who lead mediocre average lives, those whose IIM tag is just a worthless tag on the CV.....

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Bhasmasur Rakshasa
Re: Re: Is there any research to track the growth of IIM Grad ??
by Bhasmasur Rakshasa on Oct 08, 2010 01:41 PM
Before people jump at my neck(cos they themselves are losers), i belong to the second category......
did my MBA from IIMC, got into a chaparasi company by the name of TCS, wallowed in mediocrity for a few years, before working hard and earning my place under the sun.....
The IIMs are shamelessly unethical institutes that lie about their placements, take their placement reports with more than a pinch of salt....

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Saurabh Dafria
Important to Note
by Saurabh Dafria on Oct 07, 2010 03:59 PM

You have made very valid point. This goes specially for colleges who are taking high fees and placement quality is low.
Extra perks like Foreign tour, huge infrastructure etc increases the cost of MBA with no added advantage to get high job packages.
Candidate before MBA should calculate Placement packages with Course Fees.

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vineet dubey
missed several points
by vineet dubey on Oct 07, 2010 11:57 AM  | Hide replies

I read the article on ROI on your blog as well. Let me point out to few things you have missed.

Positives of doing MBA

The EMI is fixed, year on year, while the income continues to grow @15-30% every year for a typical IIM grad.

Sensex is flirting with 20k and the opportunities are immense. MBAs are in demand, one bad year will not change things.


When you say calculate the lost income (opportunity cost) of two years @ MBA, we should not add the salary of first two years of career but the last two. Our career span will be shortened by two years and it will be the last two years that we are foregoing and not the first two.

Placement figures are usually inflated.

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ganesh kumar
Re: missed several points
by ganesh kumar on Oct 07, 2010 02:53 PM
mba degrees are a wate of money either study post graduate in engineering or do research.

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indian always
Re: Re: missed several points
by indian always on Oct 07, 2010 03:35 PM

I agree, even though I am an mba from a "elite" b school.

Good engineers, doctors and scientists create the world. Better to be one who creates something, rather than somebody who peddles something.

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Jason Bourne
Re: Re: Re: missed several points
by Jason Bourne on Oct 07, 2010 05:39 PM
Peddling something? Dude, that is a little harsh.

There are multiple dimensions to a person's education professional, inter/intrapersonal, spiritual, entrpreneurial etc.

Business School is just a different dimension, not for everybody, but for people who seek improvement in that dimension.

You may not like that dimension yourself. But speaking badly about that dimensional shows lack of broad understanding.

In my business school class I bumped into 2 doctors with MD and an attorney with a JD. I am from an engineering degree. All of us were just pursuing different goals.

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sayan singh
IIM I is Not deserving IIM Tag
by sayan singh on Oct 07, 2010 10:34 AM  | Hide replies

Institutes like IIM Indore need to be more matured in their approach. There should be active TAP Dept. Prof. should take some personal interest to improve the placement scenario. Presently they are. only using their industrial contacts to get personal consultancies. The Faculties are below average. Ministry of HRD should see that the most of the profs. are simple Post Grad. With past professional exp. as medical representative and front desk manager of ladies beauty saloon. Some faculties who came from IIM A , they live in the permanent illusion that the students of IIM I are of rotten slot of CAT ( present director is leading from the front and he is the true example of the “Prisoner of his own philosophy” ).

There is also a point of concern that why their Avg. salary is far –far below from leading 15 B school of India.

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True Indian
Re: IIM I is Not deserving IIM Tag
by True Indian on Oct 25, 2010 06:32 PM
Instead of wasting your time commenting, go and study sincerely and make a career for yourself.

A bad work man always blames his tools. This you would do even if you had got admitted into IIMA

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gautam sharma
experience better than degrees
by gautam sharma on Oct 07, 2010 10:13 AM

Forget about MBA & so called management degrees. Work hard in some good private indian company for a couple of years. Save & make some money. Asper your knowledge & expertize
choose a product line or any service providing
field very carefully.Start a small company or firm. Be dedicated,hardworking & honest.
recognize your skills & limitations & plan accordingly.Set your goal & objectives & then
with confidence feel that you are the best & will do the best for your business. Learn everyday good or bad from your course of action & try to set things that benefits you in a good faith without any damage to others.
Respect your assocaiates, clients & vendors. Be honest to them.If you get time try to do atleast a bit of social service whenever you get time.
Think high & then sky is the limit.
This is the only formula to be a successful person with money and fame as much as he wants
in his entire life span & overall will be a wonderful human being.
No blady MBA degrees can get you all these things. Money cannot get knowledge.
knowledge is thru experience & that ultimately counts.

< BR>

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MBA is not just for money
by avishek on Oct 07, 2010 09:58 AM

I think the problem arises because most of the students pursue MBA just to get better job salary etc without actually knowing their own interest and also lack of other good options. They must understand that no company will pay a fat paycheck just because you hold a MBA degree from a prestigious institution, they must be able to make a real difference that's where a person without actual passion in the field fails and feel hard done by. People must pursue MBA only if they really have passion for it and not just for money.

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madanmohan siddhanthi
by madanmohan siddhanthi on Oct 07, 2010 09:56 AM

For Graduates after graduation they get a job of a clerk Accounts ,stores ,personnle etc ,chemist or an operator in a chemical plant,or a medical representative etc.
If they go to post graduation it will not give themmuvh better choices .
Ideally speaking one should spend a few years in Industry before choosing MBA .However the situation as explained above does not give them much opporunities. An Engineer has slightly better opportunities .
MBA certainly helps to understand various facets of organisation working .Generally will be able to appreciate various functions - for a moment forgetting most of the functions in organisations work as water tight compartments and look at interface with other functions as a necessary if avoidable avoid evils .Senior management is totally responsible for this nonsense .
MBA still a better option than M.com,MA and M.Sc as far as job opportunities are concerned.

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