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Freida Pinto
by Raj on Mar 04, 2010 08:18 PM

Please stop over hype about this actress..Please no one knows about her & no one is interested knowing anything about her..Don't know where these all characters come from..One movie & now she is a Global Actress? Common!! Stop Kidding Here!!

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E darwin
Kim sharma look stunning in her aritificial leapord skin dress..
by E darwin on Mar 04, 2010 08:03 PM

...when is she getting married like Madhuri Dixit. Dont hang around losers.

About nareey shakti, that is bBull-sShit like women lib and leads us to wWreeck,,,,

only what matter is param Maata image, make it iImmortal and un-cCorruptable. Same with a true with param Pitta image, make it iImmortal and un-cCorruptable.

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