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He was worth $40 million at 18

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Having a good butt is more important than a good heart....
by lakubo on Oct 19, 2009 01:37 PM

In todays world, success means having good body, beautiful face for ladies and good bank balance for men. No offense to Gurbaksh Chahals success, wish him more.

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Bijay Chaudhuri
What is the Measure of Success?
by Bijay Chaudhuri on Oct 16, 2009 09:24 PM  | Hide replies

Should we think that earning money and becoming very rich is the measure of success in life?. If a poor honent and heappy teacher of a remote village school spend all his life giving good teacings to hundreds of his students, is he not a successful man? An honent and sincere boby if he gets exposure, as is found by an American boy, say, can become rich and successful even without foing to high school. The situation is quite different in countries like India.Probably success of a man/woman is measured by the contributions he/she made for the society and the people and these contributions may be of different nature. There are many such successful men in the society and for them we are progressing. Society does not progress from the contributions of some rich people only. Such as example may be misleading to many young students of our country.

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Faceless Indian
Re: What is the Measure of Success?
by Faceless Indian on Oct 20, 2009 10:24 AM
What you say is bang on. And fortunately a whole new lot of people are following what you say after being completely disillusioned by the corporate world and crass commercialization..... yes, the glitter felt good initially and fanned by media and easy money, a whole generation is swayed by the lure of instant fame and the perks associated with it. But as with anything shallow, a generation is slowly and quietly moving away from it all.

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Re: What is the Measure of Success?
by RAHUL MISHRA on Oct 19, 2009 02:38 PM
I couldn't agree more on this..We should not measure our success by the money. Our work gets easier once we start loving what we do..

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these are junk inventions, people ask how to remove bluelithum
by D S on Oct 16, 2009 08:52 PM  | Hide replies

these are junk inventions, people ask how to remove bluelithium,


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Re: these are junk inventions, people ask how to remove bluelithu
by D S on Oct 16, 2009 10:45 PM
it is a junk application, the internet invention is already done

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Lopesh S
Sterlite Industries – forcible acquisition of shares in yea
by Lopesh S on Oct 16, 2009 08:51 PM

We have a case against Sterlite Industries forforcible acquisition of shares in year 2002 allotted in IPO. Can someone help from where we can obtain details of Bonus shares issued/Rights Issue and Dividends paid since year 2002
Lopesh Kumudha Suresh

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Sameer Dighe
by Sameer Dighe on Oct 16, 2009 08:21 PM  | Hide replies

Is he IIT to succeed.I thaught the world has progressed so far only due to IIT and IIM.

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So Flam
Re: Great
by So Flam on Oct 21, 2009 09:31 AM
No he did not. And world can succeed with both IIT/IIM and even without it.

But definitely it cannot succeed with your english writing capabilities because little can be understood off it. And also it cannot succeed with your grasping prowess - when he says that he is a High School dropout, then why this futile question of yours?

Use hindi if you can't express in english, there is no shame in that.

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irn bru
Gurbaksh is Legend
by irn bru on Oct 16, 2009 08:15 PM  | Hide replies

I ve seen episode of Oprah, where Gurbaksh was Guest....His story is really inspiring
Now he is worth $300 million at just 27...
Growing up in one bed flat in san fransisco, bullied at school because of his Turban(He is a sikh), but he overcomes all hurdles and now earning millions
Hats off

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Re: Gurbaksh is Legend
by ASHISH KUMAR on Oct 21, 2009 05:32 PM
Congrats Mr Gurubaks.
Dhirubahi Ambani, Azim prem ji & Even bill gates is colege/school dropped out but still they achieve d graeter sucess in thier life.
All these crap messgae against u is coming from all frustrated non achievers in life.
In India intelligence is measured just in term of enginner/doctor or clear a entrance exam to become corrupt govt official. Utter nonsense. Thats why this country is not progressing at all. whatever little development, that also in certain part of india. NI developing only because of this wrong mindset & wrong way of defining intelligence. In western countries intellegence means creativity & excelling in any field.
Thats why they are so innovative & any one go to top there.
These people Gurubaks/Ambani/premji/bill gates etc are much more intelligent than we common enginner & other professionals. In forbes top 500 people there are 50 University drop out people.
Gurudas go ahead & don't listen these stereo type parents who forces their children to become engineer/doctor so as to claim that they are intelligent. They all are just jealous with ur success.

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