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abboral boral
Tribal Gujarat
by abboral boral on Jul 07, 2009 09:37 AM

on 13.6.09 ,Myself and my son went to a unique place some 210 km from Ahmedabad called Devi Mogra temple .Legends says that panvas along woth Kunti used to stay this place for 2 years and before actual temple there is another temple where Panvas took rest for a while .
Mata kunti used to workship one deity given by local tribal people some 5500 years ago and I was surprised to see the diety still exist and tribal populations from Maharastra,Madyapradesh ,Gujarat come in large no particularly on sunday .We too faced tremendous trouble to get in .Tibals offer here large no of hen,goat and farm products .

Our route was

1. By bus Ahmedabad to dediapara via Rajpipla --210 km --5 hours journey in which some 30 km magnificient ghat road journey comparable to himalayas roads

2. We stayed at Dediapara in Bharat Sevasshram Guest House .Swamiji of the Ashram has done tremendous job by giving shelter to some 70 tribal students with fooding lodging .This ashram is wonderfull place to stay .we stayed for saturday night and had very good foods supplied by the Ashram .The ashram itself a scenic beuty amidst backdrop of hills
3. Sunday morning we ventured out for 22 km ghat road journey (I have never seen such ghat roads with too much high and low roads with sharp bend .

We were there in Devi Mogra temple ,the only temple in India called Kunti Temple as well .
You must visit this place once

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Vinay Katoch
i m the son of the soil of this land ..
by Vinay Katoch on Jun 26, 2009 05:05 PM

i am himachali ...

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