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CAT 2009: ''My test was over in 30 mins!''

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faisco of end option
by kushaggarwal on Dec 14, 2009 12:14 AM

d same problem of bimistakenly pressing of end option happened wd me. atleast u gt 30mints to attempt ur paper bt in my case i was caught up by this option in d starting first minute.
i havnt received ny rescheduling timing yet so i want to confirm whether u gt ny rescheduled slot or ur battle ended there only.

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by abcde on Dec 08, 2009 12:44 AM

I just want to inform u dat END REVIEW button means as same as u r quitting d test.
From the Review Screen it is the only option to Quit the test.
What is wrong here is that the invigilators at ur test centre did not made ny announcement for this.
At my centre,at time of tutorial we were continuously informed again and again about this.
So may be if I m correct it is more faulty of invigilators at ur test centre.Their lack of knowledge prooved heavy to u....
So Best of luckkkkkkk for ur rescheduled test.

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saddest moment in history of CAT Exam
by Guest on Dec 06, 2009 02:25 PM  | Hide replies

This is shame for the exam coordinators who have played life with the thousands of student who worked hard, don't for how many years with a dream to sit in exam n cracking it. These students might not have even dreamed about turning the things down in this way. I appeal to all students who have undergone trauma of similar situation to get together and question to the IIM's admission coordinator for some justifiable alternatives.
Folks if you don't unite and raise voice for yourself then don't dream about getting into IIMs to become future leader.If you can' lead your own life and make promising commitment and judgment then how can you expect to read few books and become gr8 entrepreneur of any company.
This incident happen to closest friend of mine, who deserves better than this trauma.
I know his talent and intelligence but some software package malfunction can't decide fulfillment of his dreams.
To be honest I don't have any hope from exam conductors who might be looking into this matter seriously and we can't hope in their hope for working things out in any better.

Folks better go to NDTV, Aajtak or any media channel that is ready to listen to your situation and can demand answers from the respective authorities on own behalf.

Better commit things before they are not in your hands.


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Re: saddest moment in history of CAT Exam
by Guest on Dec 13, 2009 10:05 PM
Being a S/W engineer, I can really find this as the bug in the software itself. Common sense wud do the same. I mean, ending the review would just mean to navigate away from that page back to ur test...More of a software Malfunction than the candidate’s or coordinator’s mistake
As per my opinion, even if the test coordinator would have announced about the end review button, then also I find as a flaw in the system, and that too a cadre of IIMs- the most reputed institutions.
The system, either did not undergo rigorous testing or u can smell the high level tics in the same.. I know this guy personally and being a dear friend, I tried to console him for his dreams of becoming a part of IIM. The only thing he said that - "Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches"... I was shocked to know that he has even consulted a psychiatrist to overcome the trauma he underwent....Feeling hapless and ruined was his state. He definitely deserves better and I am sure that if given a chance, he can prove his worth.
I find it really irresponsible and careless act from the institution leading to shattered dreams of many like him. He has really worked hard to meet his goals, but being a small entity in this system, He is not able to raise his voice.
I totally agree with Amanpreet and want u folks to ignite the fire, against the system and helping urself to achieve ur dreams. Mind it, this is not being finicky and creating hype, but just being true.


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