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Honour for an inspirational leader

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people should not get confused with honour and worship
by HARI on Apr 25, 2009 05:34 PM  | Hide replies

The press media (Karnataka)(like “Bangalore Mirror”, “Vijay Karnataka” and others) should not take communal forces lightly while projecting Mr Advani as PM (non secular leader) in their press media.
Is Mr Advani capable of handling these issues if he becomes a PM ? does he save (do justice to democracy) or destroy democracy to avoid blasts , terror attacks and so on ?
The Recent events .
1. Attack on Christians.
2. Attack on Indian Culture, and Attack on women.
3. Attack on Muslims
4. Anti Ambedkar elements
5. Anti Gandhi elements
6 Anti Christ elements: Eg. (The press “Bangalore Mirror” few weeks back drag the Education Institute (Christ College Bangalore) in to public, Stating and printing in the front page As Moral policing (on dress code) and politicize an education institute. it is shame to “Bangalore Mirror” No. 2 on the day of Easter Sunday the Bangalore Mirror published the controversial article on Life of Christ). It is double shame to “Bangalore mirror” and others not know to my presence.
7. Anti Basavanna (Social) elements
With all these Will ANTI-INCUMBENCY works against CONGRESS PARTY in Karnataka?

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Credible Professionals
Credible Professionals
by Credible Professionals on Apr 22, 2009 12:37 PM

Please share endorsements and testimonials of extra-ordinary professionals you have met till date.
tr . im/jouY

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by SHOPPINGCRICKET dotcom on Apr 21, 2009 06:43 PM


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by SHOPPINGCRICKET dotcom on Apr 21, 2009 06:43 PM

very ture

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anotherdumb indian
what this
by anotherdumb indian on Apr 21, 2009 04:38 PM  | Hide replies

nris are not real indians.
stop gloryfying them

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Pramendra Srivastava
Re: what this
by Pramendra Srivastava on Apr 22, 2009 03:30 PM
there are about >3 crores NRIS' who sent average >2000 USD per month (ranging from 0 to millions)amounting to 10000 crores usd or 3000,000 crores indian rupess annually. about 35% of Indian GDP and 65% of Foreign income, which goes to economic development and employement in the country.Apart fromt that NRI's are the ones who have free mind to really think about the country and throw discussions on the net, while people in india , even the best paid struggles all his life not only with penny earnt and spent but predominately with politics in his office, in society and neighbourhood, in school, in college and ofcourse castocracy during election. Patrotism doesn't matter to them when it is about public places, trains , busses, roads, public hygiene, law breaking, respecting others and foreigners, showing a true indian face everywhere which reflects how harsh and unpatriotic we are. Do we know in India what is patrotism? go to Japan, Korea and see what they talk and how they behave then you will know what is patritism and what is the importance of it. These people with lesser natural resources and brains are way ahead of us in technology, in city development, in foods, in health and sports, and even in econometrics - all because they think together, they work together and their is no Castocracy....(sorry i think the true name for Indian democracy is relgioscrcay and castocracy).

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pranesh kumar
Re: what this
by pranesh kumar on Apr 25, 2009 05:44 PM
I am not sure from where u got the economic numbers . . .Secondly by sending some peanuts(money to be invsted in stockmarket and realestate) to india and contributing to e-articles will not make u patriotic, Do u remember when did u vote for india lastly . .Thirdly more than 40%-50% of NRI's are leaving india bcoz they could not sell themselves in india (Source:HRD Ministry) . . U are people can only speak . .:-)

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sudeep choudhari
Re: Re: what this
by sudeep choudhari on May 02, 2009 12:11 AM
Mr Kumar well on center of the current crisis in US lies the numbers Mr Srivastava has just proposed. Please let know if you can give me a good reason that why has india's GDP improved , if not because of IT outsourcing which is again led USD and ESD etc to go to india in return of US ..not only that I belong to the crowd which sends around $2000 a month to india and it is used buying real estate and gets out of American markets and is rotated in indian market ...like from Real estate owners to there employe to the grocery stores , furniture stores to farmers...leading to demand boom which has led to newer business oppurtunity and head room for enterpreneurship and start a cycle for indian companies of non IT industry to achieve international standard...Not taking away any thing for the hard work and intersity demonstrated by indian enterprenuers ...but your apathy towards the NRI is unwarrated if not rude ....and please check with the methods used by HRD ministry of india to collect data ....I have worked in MR industry in india and effeciency and Indian political industry don't make a lot of sense when put in single sentence..

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There are minimum 2 lakh such people in India
by Superman on Apr 21, 2009 04:33 PM  | Hide replies

but nobody bother to know about them. The daughter of a grocery shop owner become famous because she was born in US and Rediff bothers to highlight all the NRI achievements, ignoring the real Indian ones....
who knows all she did to get into Harvard and kellogs, to put something extra in her CV....
US is a land of lesser problems than India...People are well-educated and aware....
We would love to know such an activity in the land of all the problems in India...

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sudeep choudhari
Re: There are minimum 2 lakh such people in India
by sudeep choudhari on May 02, 2009 12:01 AM
well it is for guys like you ...who have energy to throw stones at every thing in site to realize that a person who looks like you and has relocated to some other community has started harnessing energy to do some greater for her new adopted community. You Sir on other hand are continuing with your medival methods of throwing stones at others rather than taking on a similar or any egalitarian inititive of your own...I have come accross tons of good work done by indian in india on this site...It is lunacy of the kind you demonstrate which yucks me out...

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Kalpat Venkataramani
Sushma, the Great!
by Kalpat Venkataramani on Apr 21, 2009 04:22 PM

it's ok to ask Sushma to start this sort of work in India, but the selfish and corrupt politicians and the bureaucrats will simply demolish everything. KRVRamani

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Work in India....
by Guest on Apr 21, 2009 03:37 PM  | Hide replies

Good work sushma....But if you do such similar thing in india that will be more appreciated....

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mp kumar
Re: Work in India....
by mp kumar on Apr 22, 2009 10:04 AM
Hello Guest,

If she is trying to do such similar thing in india, the media will not publish anything regarding this. Because the politicians are very causious about no one should familiar except millionaries and politicians.
Ok. So what ever u want to do some good thing, go to other country and do. Their u will get respect for that work. Here u never expect even a single encourage. That is our most democratic country people mentality.

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