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How to stay safe while cooking

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Gaurav Ahlawat
How not to cook rice in pressure cooker
by Gaurav Ahlawat on Aug 03, 2006 11:37 PM  | Hide replies

this is not for experts but nincompoops like me. we were once enjoying a bachelor's nite at my boss's home (with his wife expected the next day)and after preparing some delicious chicken we were ready to get the rice out of the pressure cooker. Only, the rice wasn't so keen on coming out. Not having a clue as to what were doing, we tried to pry it open only to find the pressurised air was stronger than two regulars at the gym. we finally decided that we need to let some air out after which we again tried the lid and this time it moved a litte. happy with our success we applied all our strength and the next thing we know is that there was a bang like a 357 magnum and the kitchen walls are covered with our rice. the look on my boss's face when he came crashing in, was priceless. i wonder what he told his wife had happened. needless to say we were never invited back. I beg not to be blamed for this incident. You see, due to my idiocy i lost a very dear friend nearly two years ago and she used to tell me such small things and make a big difference in my life. paradoxically, it was the hardest and the easiest decision to write today. I really miss her and hope she gets in touch with me.

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RE:How not to cook rice in pressure cooker
by AJ on Oct 13, 2006 01:28 PM
What a bad dear friend you had that didnt teach you how to cook rice properly

i also hope she will get in touch with you again

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Gaurav  Ahlawat
RE:RE:How not to cook rice in pressure cooker
by Gaurav Ahlawat on Feb 03, 2007 01:10 AM
thanks for your wishes AJ...but i doubt that'll happen now. guess time isn't the big healer it's made out to be :) you take care

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by M.N.Vinayakrishnan on Aug 01, 2006 08:17 PM

It is very important to ensure that the STEAM PRESSURE VENT is not clogged before putting the cooker on fire.
Somebody known to me washed DAL in the cooker pot,closed the lid and put it on the stove without checking. Unfortunately a kernel of raw DAl was stuck in the vent hole,blocking the release of excess pressure,and the cooker exploded. Luckily nobody in the kitchen was injured. However, it took almost two days to clean up the mess.

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Jayalakshmi Gopinath
Safety in Kitchen
by Jayalakshmi Gopinath on Aug 01, 2006 05:00 PM  | Hide replies

I have been making Medu Wadas since more than 30 years in my kitchen.I have made medu wadas with pepper, with coconut as well as plain,All these years it was safe to make it.I had been using only Groundnut oil for making these wadas.But with the advent of Sunflower oil, corn oil etc(of course these must be containing a high percentage of palm oil)a rare phenomenon of the medu wadas bursting out and medu wadas along with the hot oil spurting and hitting the ceiling as well as on the body and burning the skin is noticed.Why is it because of the new oils or is it due to the soaked and dried Urad Dal in the market? Can anybody throw some light on this?

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RE:Safety in Kitchen
by SV on Aug 08, 2006 02:41 PM
A cousin of mine suffered an accident when one meduwada out of nearly 80 meduwadas chose to burst. She was using groundnut oil to fry them. We have not yet been able to figure out why the meduwada burst into her face

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