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Truth about IT Cats and Dogs II

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No Etiquette in IT
by on Apr 05, 2008 01:16 PM

I just hope the IT companies bringing people from India teach them some etiquette. Most of them just speak their mother tongue at the client's place and leave a mess when they leave the work place.

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Nice article
by Ramki on Jan 17, 2006 07:26 PM

Good article. Correctly reflects the current IT environment.

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Nice article
by Ramki on Jan 17, 2006 07:24 PM

Good article. Correctly reflects the current IT environment.

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Cool dude
Article is just too good and is just what is happening in IT industry
by Cool dude on Oct 01, 2005 04:37 PM  | Hide replies

As a programmer myself who worked for 2 years and quit in disgust , i find the article is just too good and
is just what happens in IT industry no programming at all
Just Crap testing, documentation, no product development in most companies
at the most a few trial projects are given by companies for coding (rest just maintainence + testing )and
when they find the level of training and prepardness they then decide not to give any more development projects...

Looks very rosy from outside "have to be there" to know the crap guys do...


Cool dude

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sad but true for the most of the time
by shankx on Oct 08, 2005 03:26 PM
well i guess this is the state of IT industry most of the times. But there are a few exceptions. startups and few MNC's have got real good challenging work plus its not always abt doing wht people tell u to do from US.. ever heard of trilogy....i m currently undergoing training here (called trilogy university) .... n i was asked to come up wid my own bussiness idea and implement it !! i have total freedom to work whichever way i want ..n i m loving it.

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Very Good Article
by Prasad on Oct 01, 2005 04:36 PM

Its indeed a very Good article.......Its truth that one tend to Hop the Job within 2ys as the present Technical Force(Engineers) think.."Earn as much as Possible within a short frame of Time" and that holds good seeing the present Trend in the Job market.

Now the Job loss in US/Europe is proving to be a Gain to India...but this will go how long ?????Our other Asian countries(China,Philipines,Vietnam..etc and also Low cost European countries Romania,Poland or emerging as Favourite destinations to these companies may be 5- 10 yrs down the line.....Indians will be under Job Threat.

so its natural to think "Earn while you can" either by Hopping from one company to Other which is resulting in Monetary Gain.Also Current generation thinks of getting retired from their Job life in there Mid 40s as contrary to Our Parents who use to serve Companys till 58-60 yrs...

So Enginners Earn today for your tomorrows Bread and Butter before some body takes your Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anurag Verma
Domain expertise skills scarce
by Anurag Verma on Oct 01, 2005 04:14 PM

I have watched the Indian IT industry in the last 10 yrs. Initially few MNC setup shop, they gave low-end work to India. This was expected as none of us had the expertise to do high-end job. Then came the tech boom of late '90 that saw the exodus of bright S/W engineers to US. This hampered the growth of IT industry. Then came the tech doom of early 2000. Layoffs in US, reducing H1-B quota, GC processing delayed intentionally resulted in some of the professionals including me to think long term career prospects. Some of them returned, but some stuck back for various reasons. The new hope is for these returning IT professionals to do knowledge transfer back here, as they have been expose to high end work in the US. Hence next few years is going to be critical for Indian IT industry, and I am hoping that we can do high-end job from India and increase confidence in overseas companies abt. our capability to do it and better than anyone else!

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by Aleem on Oct 01, 2005 01:04 PM

well... reg IT environ, therz lots of jobs as well as competion too.. In dis article wht do u wana say?

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About IT cats and Dogs
by sunny on Oct 01, 2005 12:40 PM

This article deals with true n real life IT today. But as long as the companies keep adding numbers to their workforce rather than human resources and ofcourse till the time $$$$ keeps flowing easily, this party will continue ...

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by whiz on Oct 01, 2005 10:55 AM

You're absolutely right when you said that we do work what the client IT depts dont want to do. If effect most of our IT labour can be referred to as cyber coolies.

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