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Of Indian brains and medicine

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by mansigoel on Jul 01, 2009 10:11 AM

i have completed MBBS degree from India and looking for some alternative carreres in US because soon i will be shifting there..what all fields can i explore in US?

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by Guest on Jul 01, 2009 10:08 AM

i have completed my MBBS degree from india and i am looking for some alternative careers in US because soon i will be shifting there...what all fields can i explore?

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Ashok Dosi
medical rules
by Ashok Dosi on Feb 28, 2007 07:48 AM

it was the summer of my 9th when i sat up in confusion of wjat to become in life , i then decided on becoming a doctor , a decision which i will abide by and be thankful abt my whole life
life is not abt money ,its abt living it to an extent where u are one with whole human instituion as a whole
monetary gains are a plus but i still tell u even a beggar can be content if he wants to than my friends all of u arre skilled proffesionals
its my strong belief that the medical proffesion is the zenithof all proffesions , so be positive and be doubtless doctors are the best

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gaurav kumar
by gaurav kumar on Oct 10, 2006 02:23 AM

Hi everybody

Is there any site to get No. of pg medical seats in India or is there any site useful for freshers(medicos)/doctors doing intrnship.

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only doctors suffer!!!!
by manu on Jun 23, 2006 01:47 PM

ur article was superb.after all 12 years of studies after school and even the government is not worried about the doctors.it is ok if u wrk with a private hospital but what about doctors working in PMS(public medical services)..There life is no better than hell.you are given a meagre 15,000-40,000 per month that too after labouring for 12 years .is this justice????on the other hand an engineer fresher gets in excess of 50,000 bucks a month after just 4 years of studies.i see my father who is a doctor working day and night .but what does the goverment gives us transfers after transfers after transfers.u are not allowed to practice.i mean who will take up this profession if you r getting a lot of tension and no money.its high time that the government thinks abt the docs .i will never advice anyone who wants to lead a dignified life to take up medicine as a carrer

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Catch 22
by vineeth on Apr 21, 2006 02:05 PM

Chosing professions ia a gamble taken at an age when even your parents don't trust you with your pocket money.So all this talk about chosing a noble profession or chosing profession for money is irrelevant at the point when the decision to go into medicine is made.All such comments are being wiser after the event or worse,being preachy.I read a comment that you must keep aside 14 yrs like "lord Rama" for studying medicine.Even lord rama never went into vanvas voluntarily!And even tehn it was still clled a vanvas?So would you recommend it someone dear to you?Unless you are like Kaykayi!

The other comment I found funny is that the solution to all problems monetary is to go abroad,AND do what?

Of all people who sit for USMLE or PLAB, the qualifying exams to got to US or UK respectively,only a few qualify and that too at great monetary cost,especially in regard to USMLE.

But that is just the beginning,you then have to get accepted in one of the hospitals there and then get into a speciality course or forever work as a resident.What about dignity v/s money,is it?

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dr A s galib
by dr A s galib on Jan 14, 2006 06:26 PM  | Hide replies

I think people do not understand some facts .First of all only and only if you have been good and sincere student in your MBBS days you can move further up.MD/MS seats are not bagged by simply studying for 1-2 yrs after internship .You need some solid basics behind you .Next in most of the government hospitals , private hospitals the patient is going to see the RMO (generally MBBS) for 80% of the time a doctor visits him .He is the first and generally the most competent of the medical team(nurses+paramedics+ward boys+ayahs) to assess the patient .The emergency and critical care management is primarily done by the MBBS .In good medical centres he is then backed up by consultants , specialists etc .The first brunt is on him .Actually junior doctors are paid less because the have not united themselves , more busy in studies

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anshul ravi
by anshul ravi on Apr 21, 2006 09:19 PM

I'm a medical aspirant & after reading so many messages here abt how miserable this profession is, i was really releived to read ur article & am concentrating only on working hard & nothing else

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stop cribbing..
by dr.veni on Dec 09, 2005 01:05 AM  | Hide replies

why do people make a big deal out of doctors (tho only a few) making good money?hw come no such questions are raised when IT professionals get paid good money,even at their start off? dont they realise that doctors 2 have bills 2 pay,children to raise,families to take care of? why is it always expected of doctors to put their patients before their families?? who does not wish to send their children to good schools or have a good home?cmon they are also human ..and u gotta admit .."respect" is not gonna feed the family or pay the bills.

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RE:stop cribbing..
by galib on Jan 14, 2006 06:30 PM
great work Rashmiji KEEP IT UP!

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hey guys..relax
by Dr.veni on Dec 09, 2005 12:53 AM

this is for those of u who are victimising rashmi for supposedly "discouraging " students frm taking up medicine as a career..i am sure that was not her intention..she is only trying to shed light on the problems medical graduates face at present..and being one myself ,i can assure you she has good insight into the situation. and as 4 those who keep comparing salary of doctors to that of sweepers..drop it..lets not consider a sweepers job so demeaning and instead appreciate them instead..i mean.. agreed we docs get paid a pittance but i think looking at the pathetic state of indian roads and footpaths, keeping the roads clean(tho only few of them) is not a very pleasant job either.

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