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Can money buy happiness?

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can money buy happiness
by KRSrimathi on Apr 15, 2008 12:11 PM

Philosopically you can say money does not bring happiness by itself. But, even to lead a life with minimum necessities you need money. Common man life is designed by the money only. Today's Education, food, travel even the minimum cost cannot be thought of without money. Today"s bogus/hyprocatic society will not see u eye to eye if u are not decently dressed also.
You need not go for comforts and luxuties but even for your necessries to be bought u need money. How u can see a person living happily without necessities when he does not have money for that also.
One important aspect is that money should not fill the ego/arrogance but it is absolutely needed in everyone's life.

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zahir qureshi
can money buy happiness
by zahir qureshi on Aug 23, 2005 09:39 PM  | Hide replies

WELL a big big question for the ppl who have money and who DONT have.
if u r the one who has the money what it takes to enjoy the things money can buy, u r happy.. but if u want more u'll land up unsatisfied!
BECOZ there are other things which money cant buy you.
relations,friends,ur outlook for life,ur thots,mentality,change in past,uncertainity of future.

AND IF u DONT have enuf money you'll probably want to earn/think about more and more money... once u earn that money and u think you'll be happy..
but by the time you'll earn that money u think u'll able to njoy it..
not necesarily...
may be ur spouse will enjoy it better or the kids,and eventually you'll end up sparing all ur life to earn/retain money.. whjat i wanna say is enjoy while u earn..EARN N NJOY.
so acco. to me the key to happiness is good money,but good life too... which comprises of all the little happinesses considered well and cheered up.
you cheer every moment and be with the set of people with whom you feel better and motivated to move up on the socio-economic ladder.


yes money doed buy happiness..
but u need right senses to enjoy it.

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RE:can money buy happiness
by Thamprasad on Jan 02, 2008 03:11 PM
I dont think money buy happiness bcoz money is only 4 satisfaction of life and it is just to bring onlyphyisical satisfaction ofthe people and mentally brings a lot of disturbances in the mind of thhe people better to say to some exted it can bring happiness but to large extend sorrow and grief

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Radha Suresh
Can Money buy happiness?
by Radha Suresh on Aug 20, 2005 12:12 PM

I am Radha Suresh and am aged 35 years.

I work as a manger operations for an ITES.

I have a varied view on happiness,
If we study the entire society around us we live in a state of compromise. Let me be happy with this but I definitely would be more happier with something better is the attitude.

Learning to scale professional heights is relatively more than learning for the heck of learning that makes me happy. How many of us are happy with our life partners? We have a choice to decide on them and we are still regretful, Imagine parental choice is not possible so there is no way out. How do we alter the thinking ? The minute we stop analyzing why? and can get into the mode of How? we can achieve bigger things and stay happy.

Acceptance of situation and not compromise, Realization and not regret, overcoming and not brooding can take us a long way.

Money is a tool to happiness but money by itself cannot bring happiness, similarly possessing all things without using them will not give happiness so earn and learn to spend for happiness. There are lot of things that can bring happiness without the money part involved and we can strive to do them too.

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by Suraj on Aug 20, 2005 11:57 AM


Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but without Money you will definetly loose happiness.

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