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Congress, DMK fail to resolve row

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looters of this country
by krishna on May 21, 2009 11:52 PM

This TR Baalu looted illegally by recommending personally to oil ministry to favour a company run by his two wives just because congress is depending on them Now congress should order a CBI enquiry on this baalu to bring out the truth. Some one should file a public litigation to open this case .
He and his mentor karunanidhi wanted to loot crores of rupees by their benami company in the name of sethusamudram project.Great manmohan shun thin antipeople who does business in the name of language religion caste who wanted to make all their sons and daughters central ministers to loot this country

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pat ram
Vijayakant and Congress
by pat ram on May 20, 2009 10:21 PM  | Hide replies

Vijayakant may not have any problem aligning with congress in the assembly elections as he has always distanced himself from both DMK and ADMK. Such a scenario will also help Congress in having a bigger say in govt formation in the state. Will Sonia act tough with DMK now?Karunanidhi will play his cards well but Sonia should realize that she has all the aces in her hand.

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guru iyer
Re: Vijayakant and Congress
by guru iyer on May 21, 2009 03:46 PM
Don't say he is not distance from DMK, in fact he is technically helping standing alone, if he is really think to eradicate DMK, he could have joined hand with either Congress or AIADMK or other parties like, CPI, CPIM, MDMK, PMK, etc.

Instruction of DMK, he deliberately cutting votes in favour of DMK (for this heavily paid, his marriage hall was demolished just drama, as compensation he was paid huge sum amount, if Vijaykant is really angry with DMK, he should have joined with AIADMK front, why he is not doing so, WE HAVE TO THINK, AGAIN, AGAIN.


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True Muslim
Re: Vijayakant and Congress
by True Muslim on May 21, 2009 01:35 PM
Gandhi Family are the pioneers of family rule in India. How come if the same path is followed by the blind man ( Karuna) he becomes a third rate politician? TMC is very right in bargaining for one more seat than DMK Because they have one no. more MP in the partliament than DMK.It is "devil and the deep sea" choice for Congress. If they do not agree with DMK and TMC then they will have to rely on most unreliable SP or BSP. Every one is hungry for money. How otherwise the blind fellow will get back his money he has distributed during election and for sops like free rice and color TV?
Everything said and done Congress itself is not made up of saints- all congress mps and Ministers are hungry for power and WAITING to refill their SWISS BANK ACCOUNT! MANMOHAN SINGH may be sincere and now free from the clutches of the LEFT parties but he is still an OBEDIENT SERVANT of GANDHI FAMILY. He will have to execute their orders. If you are expecting anything like benifit to masses, especialy to minority communities like Mzlims you are living in a fools paradise. For the last 55 years Congress has been using the minority card as their ladder and kick it out once the top is reached. Otherwise why even after so many years of congress rule minority Mzlim community is still at the bottom rung of the society?

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