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Uttarakhand CM to resign

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Religious parties
by ramprasad on May 20, 2009 05:07 PM  | Hide replies

No one is going to accept any party in this country run in the name of some religion or some cast. All will accept the good leadership and genuine personalities.

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Ramesh Anand
Re: Religious parties
by Ramesh Anand on May 20, 2009 09:32 PM
what was congress or RJD or Paswan or Samajwadi party or BSP doing? They along with congress who said that Muslim have the first right over the resources of India,or promised to open five more Muslim Universities in India,or reserving govt jobs for Muslims or giving aid to Christians going on pilgrimage to foreign coutries amount to? Who had been the bigger player of religious matters. Who divided Hindus and for what purpose? Is it not for dividing their votes so that BJP does not come to power.Why have all the political parties joined hands together,now,after the poll results? Because they want to appear to Muzlims that they are with congress,meaning thereby,they are with them.No sir No. No genuine personaliteies,what ever you mean by this term.

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