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TC to support Congress at Centre

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Munna Bhai
No matter how much Congi celebrate nothing will change.
by Munna Bhai on May 18, 2009 09:36 AM  | Hide replies

Sixty year of Congi rule still India is nowhere another 60 year of congress rule will do nothing special. Now Congimen should stop blaming Left as they have to prove in the West bengal what they can do which Left parties havn't done. Big talk will do nothing as people can punish CPI(M) so they can do same to Congress & Mamata party.

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James lall
Re: No matter how much Congi celebrate nothing will change.
by James lall on May 18, 2009 09:57 AM
Munna Bhai MBBS fail your data & information is also fail & fack one.

1st of all congress ruled this nation for 47 years.

2nd if you think he has not done anything for this country than why & How everyone is saying India became superpower by 2015. Just think.........

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Munna Bhai
Re: Re: No matter how much Congi celebrate nothing will change.
by Munna Bhai on May 18, 2009 10:18 AM
It is just a propaganda and India cannot even become superpower even in another 100 years as the politician here are most selfish and currupt no matter which political party they belong. Imagine when 150 MP's with criminal or tainted record have won this election with huge margins what will be the fate of this country.

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Joy Gupta
Re: Re: Re: No matter how much Congi celebrate nothing will chang
by Joy Gupta on May 18, 2009 12:55 PM
Well said Munnabhai. James lall you must think whether it is realistic that India will become superpower by 2015. Do you really think so? Think hard. If you can't, borrow Munnabhai's brain. :-)

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tere baap
Commis the great
by tere baap on May 18, 2009 08:48 AM  | Hide replies

COMMIS the Great !
Paid by their own Coins .

Now the can't celebrate winning ; so they prepare to celebrate A SERIES OF 'B'ONDH' in West Bengal ; very soon .

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prabhakar timothy
Re: Commis the great
by prabhakar timothy on May 18, 2009 09:36 AM
In India, It is only psedo communisim supporting the corporates. It is high time that the politbureau members are replaced with the actual working class of India.

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Unlimited Storage
Congrats Cong(I)
by Unlimited Storage on May 18, 2009 08:43 AM  | Hide replies

I am happy Cong(I) got elected although i am little tend towards BJP..as long as Sonia doesnt come back in 2014 and say sadak, pani....gharibe hatao... i am happy. No misuse of CBI... try to be less corrupt(tolerance is the way to go...0% corruption is pipedream) and finally give leadership outside a family......(crab culture of pulling their legs kept them out of absolute majority for 18yrs)...
hang afzal guru, be strict on kasab....etc., a clean chit will make them a better option for ever.... Hope the victory doesnt enter their head.. and take the country to late 70's and 80's....

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Joy Gupta
Re: Congrats Cong(I)
by Joy Gupta on May 18, 2009 12:59 PM
You're expecting too much and day dreaming my friend. A party serves the nation for 50 years and still can't provide good drinking water to every village. What else can you expect? You can copy Cong manifesto of 2004, 2009 and compare it with the manifesto of 2014. Mark my words, there will not be anything new. Only the format & the language will change. The essence will remain same. It'll be foolish to expect much. Yes, only thing you can expect is that this Govt can serve full term unless they do something really stupid like releasing Kasab. But be prepared for more 26/11 like incidents.

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tere baap
where are they ?
by tere baap on May 18, 2009 07:57 AM  | Hide replies

where are these monsters ?

1. Chor....Marbo ;
2. SahadevanKK ;
3. Tamal Das ;
4. other commis ..

May be begging in streets ..

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Numb Nut
Re: where are they ?
by Numb Nut on May 18, 2009 08:29 AM
begging in Chinese communist party headquarters for mercy.

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Soumen Das
Re: where are they ?
by Soumen Das on May 18, 2009 09:10 AM
Remember buddy, have there been no Communist, USA would have opened a military base in India during Iraq conflict. And behind all these nationalized banks and public sectors or the schemes vis-a-vis farmers and Pensions scheme, from which Congress is reaping benefits, there was Communist

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Partha Roy
Left Misrule for 32 years: Bengal - A waste-land
by Partha Roy on May 18, 2009 07:52 AM  | Hide replies

CPM wants a totaletarian system, - a typical communist masterplan, where the party is the last thing. All personal freedom, personal aspirations, all freedom of expression will stop at the PARTY.

Have you ever wondered why this party is being tolerated? The party constitution (and that of CPI's too) says openly that they are using the indian democratic system to attain the ultimate objective - the so called "revolution", and if and when that happens the communists will dump the indian constitution in favor of their totaletarian system. people don't talk much about it - nor do the media pay much attention to it. But this is the crux of the matter. CPM (and CPI, and all other left parties) is/are using the indian electoral system just as an intermediate step before they bring a stalinist oppressive system where people will NOT have personal freedom. The events of Singur and Nandigram are just pointers to that direction.

After thirty years in power through muscle and money, CPM thought that they have attained that level of revolution where the party is sacrosant, it can not be questioned, it can not be challanged. Hence in the name of industrialization they started uprooting farmers from their root, that is the land. The industralization is meant for party fat cat's big bank balances. Oh, as crumb, some jobs could have been given to party faithfuls, to keep them in survitude for4 ever.

Mamata's tenacity to stand by the farmers poured cold water in those grand plans.

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sabyasachi gangopadhyay
Re: Left Misrule for 32 years: Bengal - A waste-land
by sabyasachi gangopadhyay on May 18, 2009 08:07 AM
and also cold water to any future of Kolkata and bengal....

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tere baap
Re: Re: Left Misrule for 32 years: Bengal - A waste-land
by tere baap on May 18, 2009 08:15 AM

Why so ?

The commis organized CHOLAI industry still there in the master plan .

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rational man
Re: provincialism-bengalis
by rational man on May 18, 2009 07:56 AM
read history first. bengal and punjab gave most lives than anybody else.

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Re: Congress I 2009 Election Manifesto
by D S on May 18, 2009 07:34 AM  | Hide replies

How will you fix rigging of electronic voting machines and give Dalit the rights to have their own PM.

Allow re-election using paper ballot and candiate representative be present during counting.

Dalits don't want crumbs thrown on their face, they need dalit PM to lead them and India.

Dalit needs paper ballots RE-ELECTION so Chawla types don't rig Electronic voting machines that are very easy to rig.

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Saket Garodia
Re: Re: Congress I 2009 Election Manifesto
by Saket Garodia on May 18, 2009 08:29 AM
so that u guys win by booth capturing....
india is advancing and it is no longer going to support ur caste politics

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Congi Basher
Re: Re: Congress I 2009 Election Manifesto
by Congi Basher on May 18, 2009 09:12 AM
All Indians are not Dalits.
If all Dalits want to be Indians, then follow the Indian rules and regulations.
Accept that you have chosen a worthless, corrupt and megalomaniac leader and seek apology from your Dalit brethrens for the mistake.
If you want Dalit as head of state, be content with UP.
But another 3 years to go before Indians kick out Mayabatti from UP also.
So be an Indian first, a Dalit later.

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Every state one metro..
by trueIndian on May 18, 2009 07:25 AM  | Hide replies

If every state had 1 metropoliton city.. it would have been wonderful.. may be a foolish utpian thought... but can't it be set as a goal ??

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Unlimited Storage
Re: Every state one metro..
by Unlimited Storage on May 18, 2009 08:38 AM
u r spot on... buy why MP/UP are far behind... i dont understand

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Mrinal Dasgupta
Vote Gale: Vote Lessons
by Mrinal Dasgupta on May 18, 2009 07:00 AM  | Hide replies

Part II

People’s issues are rice and roti, not even kapra or makan. Their issues have to be targeted. Congress would have done better if they targeted guaranteeing 365 days’ work for every one, then everything one by one. I doubt now if the slogans of political parties or pundits and the media are taken into account by the people.
Politics is turning to be personal issue to these majority voters who have their day on the day of election. Politicalizing them should be, if at all, the secondary issue.
Even the waiver of agricultural loans have been criticized by the Pundits, the small and marginal farmers (including the defaulters) have had their glee over that.
Political parties should also change. People forget overly religious and communal riots and near-genocides, but act on their immediate experiences. I don’t think that the Hindus or Muslims or any other social groups and communities have acted en masse, in spite of the tactics utilized by their leaders.
What so ever the Election Commission’s danda to stop electioneering have acted in people’s favour to take their own decision. The candidates in cities and to an extent in towns have ignored the Commission but that may have influenced the middle class who are polarized but not the floating voters or the poorest strata of this hierarchical society.

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Re: Vote Gale: Vote Lessons
by Kannan on May 18, 2009 07:21 AM
You are speaking like a communist. Go and read an ecomomics text book. You will understand that no guarantees can be made about jobs. Yes, Government can hand over tax payers money to less affluent and make it look like they are providing employment (naming it Jawahar rojgar yojana as if Jawahar is himself paying from his pocket)

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Bhupinder Singh
Fake certificates in Indian markets
by Bhupinder Singh on May 18, 2009 06:54 AM  | Hide replies

Although, me too, belong a super class sc Sikh, like Boota Singh, however, sins to be exposed. All Maharastrians possess some or other kinds of fake reservation certificates which they use in other states and various professional colleges. Even, their Brahmins possess sc certificates and get all sorts of benefits from other states. In every 10 Maharastrian families, you will find one freedom fighter. There was a time when Nehru and Patel empowered some of their own people to issue these certificates. During that time, these fake certificates were issued at random in these states, specially, Bihar, UP, Punjab and Maharastra. Today, we could perceive the reflection of those corruptions from their fiscal status.

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sandip patil
Re: Fake certificates in Indian markets
by sandip patil on May 18, 2009 07:04 AM
r u gone out of ur mind? take a chill pill

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