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Congress wins Kannur seat

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Sougandh Pavithran
by Sougandh Pavithran on May 16, 2009 01:01 PM

Though i am not a staunch supporter of congress. But i do think that the CPM got what it deserved the best in Kannur. Butchering people to settle scores will lead to nothing more than failure. And this is evident from this verdict. Instead of concentrating on developmental activities they concentrate on killing and justifying the brutal act. No wonder young leaders in your CMP's own cadre loose faith in your own party (Ref: Abdulla Kutty).

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Rogues Pinarayi and karat cannot cheat keralites
by ram on May 16, 2009 12:22 PM

Let the CPM remember that rogue like pinarayi and karat and minister sudhakaran cannot cheat keralites. Kerala is not like any other state. Dear CPM Buddhi jeevis, keral people are educated and literate and can think!!!!

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Ajith Kumar
CPM Defeats
by Ajith Kumar on May 16, 2009 11:58 AM

If ever any indication was required that the people of Kerala is fed up with the CPM General
Secretary and his crooked manouvering to get
the Chief Minister and humiliate him(with tacit
support from the Mr.Clean-Prakash Karat-the
defeat of CPM Candidate in Kannur will give it
to everyone.
However,Mr.Vijayan -personally-is the winner.
He can play the hatred against the party leaders as proof for the discontent with Govt which under V.S and try to ease him out with P.B support.2 If Congress comes to power (he will see that the case is prolonged)he will not
have problems with the Lavlin corruption case
because Congress Party wll NEVER pursue the same as some of their own Ministers are involved in many cases.
Mr.Vijayan has- in his frantic efforts to save
himself- has destroyed whatever trust the people had on the integrity and dedication of the Communist Party-Marxist.Though Congress is
not a healthy option the people had to vent their sense of betrayal against the party they
cherished-led by people like legendary AKG.Krishna Pillai,EMS etc

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Plea to Congress/Secular party Pls do not divide nation further
by Balaraman on May 16, 2009 11:53 AM  | Hide replies

On religion language north-south basis
Latest in the series of controversies centred on the Congress party’s fixation with Muslim grievances is the data collection exercise involving the Indian Armed Forces.
It is irrelevant and mischievous to mention about caste-based divisions in the Army during the British rule.
Congress leaders not only divided the country politically but also militarily. The military officers and men of pre-independence India , belonging to all communities fought the WWII together under the British.

Pakistan got a ready-made army at its birth. When Indian Muslims got Pakistan they also got a Muslim army carved out of the undivided Indian Army. This army produced Pakistani generals and officers who fought wars with India — the first full scale war being in 1965. This is history in living memory.

The Congress party having divided and ruled the country for decades is continuing with its dangerous game and monstrous thinking of doing a head count for the Army now.

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Ajith Kumar
Re: Plea to Congress/Secular party Pls do not divide nation furth
by Ajith Kumar on May 16, 2009 12:09 PM
Congress Party has history of Divide and Rule from begining-a
trait acquired from the British.
With a mageable population of 36 crores when the party took over the reins in 1947 and a virtual
free hand to the Prime Minister the party could have united the country and managed its resources
in a planned way.It was not to be
The division of the country based
on language was the biggest"CRIME
committed against the people.People like Arjin Singh has been causing irreparable damage by forcing his myopic ideas on the nation.The evil "genie" vote bank has further destroyed any possibility
of unity.Unfortunately BJP-a party with so manu brilliant minds-did not provide a proper
lead to the country.Indians are
-forever- condemned to live under
these very same people who encourage corruption,nepotism and
divisive politcs

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Dr Bean
Strong Man
by Dr Bean on May 16, 2009 10:57 AM  | Hide replies

The STRONG MAN party is melting in the heat of election'09.................

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Re: Strong Man
by Koduvayur on May 16, 2009 11:03 AM
this time the the goonda party will be routed and thrown out in Kerala.

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prakash mahajan
Re: Online Form Typing Job - Free to Join
by prakash mahajan on May 16, 2009 11:01 AM
Is it for BJP's election campaign work for 2014?

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