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Left won''t support Cong-led govt: FB

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Nirmal Debnath
Left should support congress
by Nirmal Debnath on May 15, 2009 12:37 PM  | Hide replies

Left should suport congress if Mr.Pranab Mukharjee will be the Next prime minister,who is negleted by congress so many years,but they knows how improtant pranab in congress.left should take this opportunuty atleast development of west bengal.

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Priya Menon
Re: Left should support congress
by Priya Menon on May 15, 2009 01:31 PM
he is a useless fello.. and he can never be..

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Re: Left should support congress
by Rajesh on May 15, 2009 02:57 PM

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chintan jhunjhunwala
by chintan jhunjhunwala on May 15, 2009 12:31 PM

the biggest hypocrites are the left and the congi secular parties .they have forked tongues like the snake and swallow their victims whole.every second they keep on changing their statements and according to ethical standard raring from 1 to 10 they might go much below the freezing point.laloo,mulayam,paswan,mayawati are saints compared to them.mamta banerjee,karunanidhi have forgotten the adage once bitten twicw shy butlike to be bitten again and again.

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Media is definitely biased against BJP.
by AnUnknownIndian on May 15, 2009 11:23 AM

Media is definitely biased against BJP. Not only that , people like Teesta Seetalvad, Javed Akthar, Mahesh bhatt ….ETC….. are all biased against BJP.

MMS even said Gujrat 2002 is a holocaust.

I would like to ask them, after 1947 there were several riots in India, how come those riots do not figure in any political discussion.

Whenever question on 1984 riots are raised, congress repeats a single sentence like parrots that they have asked for apology to Sikhs.

Media and Congress conveniently (maybe intentionally) forgot Nellie Massacre 1983.

In Nellie more mu$l!ms were killed compared to Gujrat 2002, why media do not raise this question. There was no BJP then. If Congress is so secular and claim that they are mot involved in Nellie Massacre, why then they have suppressed the matter when 3300 mu$l!ms got Killed?

Lastly as per mu$l!ms, BJP cannot be trusted as 2500 died in Gujrat, but Congress can be trusted though 3300 died in Nellie.

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Anand Acharya
No Standard Stand!
by Anand Acharya on May 15, 2009 11:23 AM

Last sentence uttered by 84-old tells us that there is no LOCUS STANDI as far as support is concerned.
They have deliberately issued a statement without mentioning anything about INSIDE SUPPORT!

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rational che
Left Should never support congress
by rational che on May 15, 2009 11:04 AM  | Hide replies

Third front Govt Possible

If the left and the regional parties insists and do not extend support to UPA. UPA will be forced to support a third front govt from outside ,so as to keep the NDA out of power.

This time UPA will also not withdraw support midway as was the case some years back, as the congress has learnt the moment they withdraw support they also lose credibility ,and like the last time, it will pave the way for a clear NDA majority in the ensuing elections.

If karat can keep his folk together and bargain hard ,UPA will support the third front, Karat should not support the UPA as manmohan is a chameloen and once in power he will use moneybags to buy out pliable political parties just like the way he did it during the no confidence motion ( nuclear issue).

The less said about the the nominated PM ( opportunist manmohan ) the better, one day he says working with left was like bonded labor, and when he wants to hold on to power he says ,i enjoyed working with the left.

one day he says UPA is not one issue govt if nuclear deal is not done, world will not come to end.And Now to show off his bravdo during elections he says i would have resigned if nuclear deal is not done.

Earlier manmohan says regional parties are hurting indias growth now when manmohan needs the regional parties support he starts adulating regional parties.

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rational che
Re: Left Should never support congress
by rational che on May 15, 2009 11:36 AM
Before elections Manmohan said In the year 2004 we did not ask left for support. The left insisted on supporting us . now when the elections are over he says he will convince the left and other disgruntled allies to extend support.

Does india need such a PM who does not even remeber or stand by what he says.

Congress Use and Throw culture can be seen in every congressman be it Rahul Gandhi/ manmohan .Praising Naidu , Nitish one day and if thier objectives are not met castigating them within 24 hours is for all to see.

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chintan jhunjhunwala
Re: Re: Left Should never support congress
by chintan jhunjhunwala on May 15, 2009 12:26 PM
according to the media whatever rahul,priyanka and sonia say are so intelligent and clever.they will never be critisized by the media who lick the a--ss..ole of the trio everyday.

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Commies U turn????
by AnUnknownIndian on May 15, 2009 11:00 AM

If Commies support congress in forming govt, then people will spit on their face, on Karat’s face precisely. Becoz, it was Karat and his left group drove away Somnath from CPIM party for supporting congress by remaining speaker of mms govt. And today the same commies are saying all options are open. They are saying they would not allow BJP to form govt, in other words they are going to support congress in forming govt.

Another interesting thing to watch will be Mamata’s reaction.

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Merge CPI an CPM
by PillaiyarSwamy on May 15, 2009 10:48 AM

CPI and CPM should merge together to become a national party.
At present it is present only in WB and Kerale.

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kesireddy sreedhar
University of Secularism
by kesireddy sreedhar on May 15, 2009 09:53 AM

Great Indian "University of Secularism" with Rajmatha of Congress as its Vice Chancellor. Yuv Raja as dean and Lallu, TV anchors like Rajdeep Sardesai, left leaders like Karat etc as professors.
See how they are giving secularism certificates to various politicians.
Kalyan Singh was communal, but they certified him as secular once he is out of BJP and helping these seculars. Naveen Patnaik was communal, but they certified him as secular once he parted away from BJP and helping these seculars.
TRS Chief Chandra Sekhar Rao was secular when he joined hands with Congress, but now they brand him as communal when he want to support NDA at centre. Mamtha Banerjee was communal when she joined with NDA, but they certified her as secular once she joined hands with Congress. Karunanidhi was communal, but they certified him as secular once he parted away from NDA and joined UPA. Nitish Kumar, Jaya Lalitha, Chandra Babu, Maya, Chiranjivi etc are in their list to award PhD Doctorate degrees in Secularism on or after May 16th of this month, if they support Congress/UPA/left, other wise if they support NDA then they also will be branded as communal by the same university.

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by Tim on May 15, 2009 07:42 AM

It is going to be very soon in history that Communism will be wiped out totally from the face of the earth. So all these guys will then cunningly shift to Capitalism.

This time they have to sit at home, they cant even sit in the opposition.

That is the moral of Communism (just fool people and plunder their wealth)

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