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''I have come here to canvass, not beg''

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Nadar Don't worry,40 for AIADMK,PM is from TN
by sivasubramanian on May 13, 2009 03:58 PM  | Hide replies

If all 40 seats we win Jaya would be our PM,Lanka will wet their pant,
Our tamils will be saved and blessed with Elam,
SO life of Elam tamils are in the hands of TN people,
These people neeed not go and fight for Tamils in lanka like muslim brothers does,If they simply VOTE AIADMK is enough to save them,So all Tamils please vote the AIADMK alliance to win.Save our brothers.

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rakesh roshan
Re: Nadar Don't worry,40 for AIADMK,PM is from TN
by rakesh roshan on May 14, 2009 05:05 PM
its a High time we too should have tamil jehadi ..so that we can get 3 billion from USA ..just like Pak ...how about projecting some 300-400 talibanis as LTTE and after getting money kill them ?

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Message deleted by moderator. | Hide replies
by Indian on May 13, 2009 11:38 AM
sir, how far its true? did you get any amount from this..??

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Do U know recent take over of Chidambaram temple by non-hindus
by aandal on May 13, 2009 09:42 AM  | Hide replies

No Media or secular party even mentioned it anywhere
The recent Take over of Chidambaram temple by non-hindus and aestheists on Tamilnadu shocks our conscience. In many ways the ‘dravadian (by logical corollary ‘non indian’) heavily campaign against Hinduism and Hindu Symbols bears resemblance to the actions of the Taliban against non-islamic symbols (Bamiyan Buddha statues) in Afghanistan. Under international outcry even the Talibans halted their destruction of the statues, but in India the same set of politicians are now keeping quite.
Needless to say every attack on Hinduism and a section of the Hindu society (dubiously called as ‘upper caste’) is packaged as social justice! Sp great is the fear of ‘caste, votebanks, that even parties professing support fo Hindutva are refusing to consider the just and fair rights of the Unreserved Class Hindus. Things have gone so far that none of them are even willing to consider the Unreserved Class Hindus as Citizens

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raj kumar
Re: Do U know recent take over of Chidambaram temple by non-hindu
by raj kumar on May 13, 2009 09:50 AM
Dear Andal, Just focus on perumall. These things have to happen in kalliyuga. It is written in Bhagavatham that in kalliyuga low porfile people, People of low integrity, low caste ( not caste as the world understands ) people will rule.Virtue will be destroyed and the the Lord will appear as Kallki and restore righteous.

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Re: Re: Do U know recent take over of Chidambaram temple by non-h
by sivasubramanian on May 13, 2009 04:05 PM
So you guys are also low virtue people but claiming hu-cry when you are at loss,
Everybody in TN is hindu,Even muslim participate in hindu festival,YES no christian participate,
Don't try to say hinduism only for you,If Karunanidhi abuse you,you fight them,why you try to get sympathy in this collumn,
Have any body try to selfimmolate in front of Karunanidhi office,If 10 try in different place this Oldmna(Dead Mna).will run away from power,Why are you not ready?
Because you guys want everything free of cost,But claim opthers are useless,Hai change your mento man,Come-on

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Re: Re: Re: Do U know recent take over of Chidambaram temple by n
by bandhu on May 15, 2009 03:46 PM
People like Thirmavalavan and seeman should be sent to jail then only Tamils can live peacefully in srilanka by getting moeny from LTTE they are uttering nonsense to create more trouble for them. If DMK lose this election then these urine drinkers willcome to AIADMK and fall at her feet to avoid arrest

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Lotus Rising Sun Out – Cross Crescent In–Truly Secula
by Kamadhenu on May 13, 2009 09:37 AM

UPA has changed the emblem of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan from Lotus and shining Sun to Cross and Crescent. And this has been done in the name of “broader reflection of national ethos.” Board of Governors of KVS in its 79th meeting held on 26.6.2008 approved the new logo and a circular was sent to all offices and schools of the Sangathan on July 17, 2008, to change the emblem in all the publications and communications. Though the chairman of KVS, HRD Minister Arjun Singh did not attend the meeting, the minutes of the meeting stated that the emblem has been approved by the chairman. His deputy Shri Md Ali Ashraf Fatmi, Minister of State, HRD & Deputy Chairman, was also not present at the meeting. circular issued by the Asst. Commissioner (Acad I), KVS, said “in order to give a broader reflection of national ethos and ought (sic) to be inclusive of challenges, opportunities, rationalistic, scientific and global thinking, advances in science & technology & social changes taking place in the society” (sic) the new emblem has been created.The picture shows a book with blank pages, and apparently two human forms emerging from globe. The crescent (an Islamic symbol) and two crosses and stars (Christian) are obvious. UPA govt released coins of Rs 2 denomination with cross on them. There is move to change our national motto ‘Satyameva Jayate’

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Native Dravid language, can Dravid founders direct Hinduism
by D S on May 13, 2009 06:55 AM  | Hide replies

During Golden era of Dravidian, Dravid provided the basis for Hinduism.

Native Dravid language
Not too far away Maori comes close to true dravidian language spoken before sanskritized dialect called Tamil was claimed as native.

Diyari Australian Aboriginal languages, like Maori over the last 200 years, became minority languages in a Neo-Europe dominated by the English language.

>>>Tamil is sanskritized though it's sanskrit body/structure is denied quite like Fijian that is English dominated and it's written existense happens due to English.

Quite like Fijian that is English dominated. Fijian written existense happens due to English.

Aryans joined in the layers of Hiduism as Warriors i.e installing their kings and joined the layer of Priest.
Few among Aryans joined the Vaishyas/Bunia (trading community) as well and very few joined the Shudra, though that did not stop them from fathering their offsprings.

It is time for Dalit PM, that right is overdue, Dravid is small subset of aborginal Dalit's

Warrior = Ksatriyas
Priest = Brahmins
trading community = Vaishyas

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gongalla Rajeshwar
Re: Native Dravid language, can Dravid founders direct Hinduism
by gongalla Rajeshwar on May 13, 2009 07:57 AM
Stop thinking in terms of caste, which is real show stoper for India's progress. Growup above the caste, don't be mean minded.

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Re: Re: Native Dravid language, can Dravid founders direct Hindui
by D S on May 13, 2009 08:05 AM
give dalit the rights and then we will forget

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Sanjay Desai
Re: Re: Re: Native Dravid language, can Dravid founders direct Hi
by Sanjay Desai on May 13, 2009 01:15 PM
First educate your cast,then talk about your rights you illiterate @@ss.

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Re: Re: Re: Native Dravid language, can Dravid founders direct Hi
by sivasubramanian on May 13, 2009 04:22 PM
DS,I read Dr.ambedkar's Ghandhi and gandhism book when i was just out from the college,I find that man carry so much venum against gahndhi,he spits all that in that book,But i am unable agree with his poit of view as most of the previous rulers were muslim and christian for moretahn 750 years, can other caste could dominate that much?
If so they would have converted to christianity then why it didn't happen,So all his assumption of slavery under caste is farce and don't have any truth in that,
He made those reservation and
book to antagonise the society and he aws successful in that.In Tn many people talk Karunanidhi
as saviour of Backward caste,
This is also false,They made just tamils as vote cattle to keep his vote bank intact he try to fool tamils.Whta he paid is only tamil people money so nobody should claim him as BC champion,Take in kearla,Ezhava are more better placed than any tamil middile caste in TN,so he made them as rowdys only.

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Sam Paul
compare srilankan tamil issue to kashmir
by Sam Paul on May 13, 2009 01:35 AM  | Hide replies

Kashmir Issue:
Where people have all rights as any common indian citizen and even more rights (muslim law and no one except kashmire can buy land in kashmir). But, with pakistan backing, some people are asking for homeland just because they have muslim majority.

Srilankan Tamil Issue:
Srilankan tamils don't have equal rights as any sinhalese. They protested to get equal rights in gandhiyan way initially and after army started killing and raping tamils, they took weapon to defend themselves. They need either equal rights to live in srilanka or a seperate homeland.

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Re: compare srilankan tamil issue to kashmir
by Kamadhenu on May 13, 2009 09:37 AM
Hitler re-born in Sri Lanka with UPA support Rajapakse bulldozing Tamils
India committed a big mistake in the Lankan issue
war ravaged Tamil people are deeply traumatised and feel being let down, The camps are in woeful conditions unfit for human beings. Inmates should stay within barbed wire borders & beg for food and medicine The Govt is planning to retain these temporay camps as permanent
only stone-hearted people could visit the camps hundreds of thousands of people displaced and wounded were in a state of deep mental shock. “If unattended, a good number of them may soon have mental health problems”, The people are in distress and pain and feel let down by Indians.
Tamils feel that the Indian government had let them down very badly Rajapakse wants to keep them in the camp and finish them off as he is not interested in moving them back to their homes as he knows UPA will dare not intervene

Why a non-Tamil without the knowledge of Tamil as High Commissioner?

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