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Mainpuri still awaits development

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Will congress bring back Black Money to Bharath
by gomateswara on May 07, 2009 10:17 AM  | Hide replies

NO Congress is not interested as it will expose them
All News channel also bought by them
last year when German govt captured the sensitive data containing 1500 names of thugs having black money accounts in LGT Bank of Liechenstein, it offered Indian govt data free of cost for around 300 Indians who were having black money deposited there.

but, the Congress govt refused the data. They even went to the extent to say to Indian ambassador of Germany that do not ask anything from the Germans. WHY ???.

In May 2008, Advani wrote a letter to Manmohan Singh in this regard but the so called 'honest' PM remained quiet & did nothing.

Few days back they calleD aDvani liar & now they submit to the SC that they know the details.

In the last 62 years in the name of secularism & common man, Congress has looted India to the extent of amount double than its GDP out in the foreign banks.

How can Kapil Sibhal Abhishek singhvi claim that the money cannot be brought back without even giving it a try? Only people with vested interests
I don't know why the Indian vote for such corrupt party !!!!!!!!!!!!.

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Re: Will congress bring back Black Money to Bharath
by modelrator on May 07, 2009 05:00 PM
See Mr. Gomateshwara, if any how the list is issued publicly, you will know that msst of the names in list will be from congress party. Becuase they have enjoyed and milked the country for over 50 years. I don't rule out that may a few will be from BJP also but they will be neglegible or countable on finures. Now congress wants to hide the facts. But the country wants their names. You know the stamp scam accused Telgi has nnamed Sharad Pawar in stamp case during his narco test. But did you ever hear in media about this. This matter was put under the carpet cause Pawar is the ally with Congress.

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