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Left Front rules out support to Congress

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Denzil Atkinson
Left rules out support to Cong
by Denzil Atkinson on May 07, 2009 09:38 AM

Let us see how much truth there is in the Left talk. However there are no chanes of a third front government the BJP shall get the single largest majority and with their present allies will get the numbers required as AIADMK

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BJPs Magical Novel schme for needy what did congee do in 60yr
by gomateswara on May 06, 2009 12:08 AM

Ladli Laxmi Yojana scheme was started by the BJP govt in MP in 2006. In a very short time, it has proved to be one of the most successful social welfare schemes in the history of the state.

Under the scheme, the state govt buys saving certificates of Rs 6,000 each year for five consecutive years for every girl born in a family.

The girl gets Rs 2,000 after she completes her Class 5, another Rs 4,000 after she completes Class 8, Rs 7,500 after she completes the Class 10, Rs 200 per month in her 11th standard and a lumpsum amount of Rs 1,18,000 after she enters the 12th standard or, alternatively, attains the age of 18.

The principal aim of the scheme is to eliminate school dropout among girl students and to encourage them to study at least upto pre-college level.
Kanyadhan Yojna: state gives Rs 7,500 for poor families during the time of a girl's marriage, and
Janani Suraksha Yojna: state provides all economic & health support to a pregnant woman till the time of delivery.
This is what I (as an Indian) call development of girl child; unfortunately no media will project this, but will project BJP as T@liban if some Sene beats a girl who goes to a pub only coz it happened in a state ruled by BJP. This bias is going to be the undoing of the Congress

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Blasts will continue as indian lives are cheap for congees/CPM
by aandal on May 05, 2009 04:02 PM  | Hide replies

Is this Government really protecting us??!!

7/11 2006: Mumbai Train Blasts. 209 Killed.
25/8 2007: Hyderbad Blasts: 42 Killed
Oct 11 2007: Ajmer Blasts : 2 Killed
May 13 2008: Jaipur Blasts : 68 Killed
July 16th 2008: Ahmedabad Blasts : 57 Killed
July 25th 2008: Banglaore Blasts: 1 killed
Sept 13th 2008: Delhi Blasts: 26 Killed
Sept 27th 2008: Delhi Blasts: 2 Killed
Sept 29th 2008 : Gujrat Blasts : 1 killed
Oct 21st 2008: Imphal Blasts : 17 Killed
Oct 30th 2008: Assam Blasts : 40 Killed
Nov 26th 2008: Mumbai Attack: 180 killed
Mar-Apr- 2 blasts in Guhati - ???? killed
Pls note these are official figures not actuals

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Ajay Kanwar
Re: Blasts will continue as indian lives are cheap for congees/CP
by Ajay Kanwar on May 05, 2009 04:11 PM
Bombbwali Mata zindabaad.

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Will they get Black Money back as were silent to Advani's warnin
by malani on May 05, 2009 04:00 PM

NO Congress is not interested as it will expose them
All News channel also bought by them
last year when German govt captured the sensitive data containing 1500 names of thugs having black money accounts in LGT Bank of Liechenstein, it offered Indian govt data free of cost for around 300 Indians who were having black money deposited there.

but, the Congress govt refused the data. They even went to the extent to say to Indian ambassador of Germany that do not ask anything from the Germans. WHY ???.

In May 2008, Advani wrote a letter to Manmohan Singh in this regard but the so called 'honest' PM remained quiet & did nothing.

Few days back they calleD aDvani liar & now they submit to the SC that they know the details.

In the last 62 years in the name of secularism & common man, Congress has looted India to the extent of amount double than its GDP out in the foreign banks.

How can Kapil Sibhal Abhishek singhvi claim that the money cannot be brought back without even giving it a try? Only people with vested interests
I don't know why the Indian vote for such corrupt party !!!!!!!!!!!!.

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Nandulal Motwani
Left Front rules out support to Congress
by Nandulal Motwani on May 05, 2009 03:59 PM

Another 10 days more. We will wait & see the horse-trading!!!

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