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Battle of the clans is on in Punjab

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Umashanker Kapoor
Leaders of BJP.
by Umashanker Kapoor on May 04, 2009 12:30 PM

the other day a rehortic leader ask the people of punjab as to what action the PM, Dr MMS, had taken when the sikhs, in the ares of taliban dominated areas, are made to pay tax to the talibans, and are being kidnapped for ransom. the ans is very simple. a letter to the pakistan govt to interwene and arrange the safety/wekfare of the sikhs in that areas. DOES THE LEADER WANT THAT THE ARMY SHOULD BE SENT THERE, LIKE THE PREVIOUS GOVT HAD DONE (SENDING NEARLY THE ENTIRE ARMY TO THE BORDERS AND THEN WITHDRAWING AFTER A YEAR WITHOUT FIRING A SINGLE SHOT).

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Umashanker Kapoor
Public meetings in Punjab and Haryana.
by Umashanker Kapoor on May 04, 2009 12:21 PM

one of the bjp leaders asked, in his public meeting in punjab, as to what the PM, Dr MMS, is doing when sikhs community is being tormented in the talibhan dominated area in pakistan. the simple answer is to send a letter of protest to the pakistan govet. BUT CERTAINLY NOT TO SEND ALMOST THE ENTIRE ARMY TO THE BORDERS AND NOT ALLOWING THEM TO FIRE A SINGLE SHOT. THE BJP LED GOVET HAD DONE EXACTLY THIS AND SHAMELESSLY WITHDREW THE ARMY AFTER ALMOST ONE YEAR. the same leader had earlier (in maharashtra) said that there has been no prime minister from maharastra and that sharad pawar had no chance to become a PM. this led aharad pawar to meet different parties to form third fourth and umpteen front. but one thing he really did good was to ensure seat alliance with the congress party. THIS PERTICULAR REHOTIC LEADER JUST WANT TO CREATE A WEDGE AND DIVIDE THE COMMUNITY.

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