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PM symbolises iron fist in velvet glove

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congress ke haath
by deleted on May 04, 2009 09:08 PM

congress ke haath
afzal ke saath
kasav ke saath
qothrochi ke saath
telgi ke saath

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Be informed
by wellwisher on May 04, 2009 04:35 PM

The congress top brass is not at all what it projects to be.
Do a google search on: Nehru Gandhi dynasty, Sukhanya devi, do you know Sonia.
Mlechhas go hatao, bharata go bachao

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by ARVINDJAISWAL on May 04, 2009 04:27 PM

by ARVINDJAISWAL on May 04, 2009 04:11 PM Permalink | Hide replies

Black deeds of Congress --
A: Afzal guru not hanged by the congress govt inspite of SC order.
B: Bomb blasts happen in hundreds, in 5 years of Congress misrule.
C: Cost of living and food prices rise, making life difficult for Aam aadmi.
D: Dr manmohan singh says muslims have first right to India’s resources.
E: Economy and business suffer like never before.

F: Farmer suicides continue. Where did our money for ‘farmers loan waiver’ go?
G: Gujarat police has to provide evidence to enable SIMI ban to continue.
H: Home Minister shivraj patil kicked out only after 4.5 years of sleep and 26/11.
I: India bullied by china, but NO diplomatic response by the government.
J: Jihadis offered pension in Kashmir by the congress government.
K: karunanidhi and congress insult Lord Ram and call Ram-setu a fake.
L: LeT becomes a household name, before congress forced to re-do POTA.

M: Media makes Hindu bashing a fashion.
N: Naxalism active in 165 districts of India.
O: Orissa conversions/maoism cause Hindu saint’s death.
P: Padmashri awards not given to Olympic winners.
Q: Quattarochi is helped to escape. Jai Mata Rome (sonia gandhi).
R: Report by Sachar committee advocates more minority appeasement.

S: SP’s amar singh calls Batla house encounter a fake.
T: Torture of Sadhvi Pragnya sanctioned by congress government.
U: UK rule over India was good for India, says PM Dr manmohan singh.

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Rama Mani
26/11 international disgrace. Iron fist PM fit for mental hospit!
by Rama Mani on May 04, 2009 04:16 PM

While repeated terrorist acts were going on, our PM was telling current laws are good! Centre did not approve tough anti-terror laws of Gujarat, Rajasthan and some more. If traitors rule see the result for yourself! Indian judicial system, especially CJ, is partly responsible for the repeated terrorist acts! Conviction in criminal and rape and murder cases: 6 percent. Conviction rates in terrorism cases is hardly 2 percent. The trials can go on for ever. Meanwhile many get bails or freed on most unusual/technical grounds! Let us take the case of 1993 Mumbai blasts. The most glaring example of laws bowing before rich and famous is that of Sanjay Dutt. In 2007, Sanjay Dutt, Memon relations and some were convicted in the lowest court. With more than 45000 cases, how SC CJ’s bench found time to hear and give bails to Sanjay Dutt and Memon relations? Bails were sent by e-mails!!! Was this the most important case? Are there no courts in between? In Sanjay Dutt and Memon relations case, ASG supported the bails! Terrorism convictions in the US, UK and many other nations are as high as 90 percent! 9/11 and London train blasts were the last ones in US and UK. Many European nations also preempt most of the terrorist attacks. How many are being prosecuted in terrorism cases including disgraceful 2006 Mumbai train blasts? 26/11 is an international disgrace and we have become a laughing stock all over the world!

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Rama Mani
Look at election itself! Were they ever like this before?
by Rama Mani on May 04, 2009 04:10 PM

This year election has been one of the most disgraceful. It is spread over a month! The criminal CEC, who should be in jail, is having armed security guard while traveling in addition to Z plus security. Did these happen in earlier elections including 2004? These itself speak volumes of the deterioration of security and all round deterioration of laws, judiciary and more! The model code of conducts have thrown all democratic laws, constitution and morality into the nearest river/sea! If this is still called a rule, then some are really fit to be in mental hospital!

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Hago Kiruttinan
PM symbolises iron fist in velvet glove
by Hago Kiruttinan on May 04, 2009 02:28 PM  | Hide replies

Iron fist for all the hindu majorities, and velvet glove for the minorities. Iron fist for anything Advani and velvet glove for anything Left. Iron fist for the poor Indian farmers and velvet glove for people abroad. Iron fist for anything Indian and velvet for anything Italian! This shows this PM with no personality is actually a SPLIT PERSONALITY, part iron and part velvet.

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Re: PM symbolises iron fist in velvet glove
by piri on May 04, 2009 05:28 PM
Uh, oh; iron fist for 'poor Indian farmers and velvet glove for people abroad' !!

You are right ! That has been the Congress record ever since the much hyped 'liberalisation, globalisation, structural reforms...' were ushered in nearly 2 decades back.

But...but....wasn't the NDA's record in this matter too exactly the same when they were in power for 6 years ???

And wasn't this the chief reason why the electorate threw the NDA out of power in 2004 - a fact that is now acknowledged by Mr.Advani himself when he recently talked about his infamous 'India shining' and 'Feel good' campaigns of that period ???

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manmohan is something wrong with you
by sanjay on May 04, 2009 02:12 PM

working with left was like bonded labour

i enjoyed working with left.

UPA is not one issue govt if nuclear deal is not done world will not come to end

i would have resigned if nuclear deal is not done

Is something wrong with manmohan, maybe eating italian shit for breakfast,lunch and dinner has affected his memory

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Amey Joshi
Manmohan Singh
by Amey Joshi on May 04, 2009 01:36 PM  | Hide replies

Manmohan Singh is Puppet of Italian congress head Sonia Gandhi. Even if he has to go for su su(toilet), he asks "High command may I go for.....". Hahahahahahahahaa

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Re: Manmohan Singh
by john on May 04, 2009 01:42 PM
You might think that Gujarat is outracing and outpacing India, and Modi is singularly responsible for the boom. In fact, according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Gujarat commanded a huge lead over other states: In September 1995, the state’s share was 14.45% of all projects under implementation in the country. At 9.43%, its nearest rival, Maharashtra, was a poor second. Maharashtra overtook Gujarat, but in December 2001 its lead over Gujarat was less than a percentage point.
Then something happened, and by September 2002, Gujarat’s share fell to 8.78%; three years later, it was down to 7.67%, with Orissa ahead of Gujarat, and Karnataka close behind. Since then, Gujarat has recovered, but only slowly, and today commands 9.57% of investments in India. It is behind Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Maharashtra is only half a per cent behind, and Haryana, West Bengal and Karnataka are trying to catch up.

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Re: Re: Manmohan Singh
by piri on May 04, 2009 05:20 PM
Please do not embarass the innumerable Goebbelses and Ignoramuses on this board by quoting authentic sources.

How on earth do you think they can ever respond other than by keeping quiet or hurling abuses ??

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Re: Manmohan Singh
by piri on May 04, 2009 05:17 PM
Isn't the same applicable to Advani too ??

Doesn't he have to look over his shoulder at Nagpur on every policy issue, on every statement, every move....??? Is this not equally obvious ???

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aurora borealis
Re: Re: Manmohan Singh
by aurora borealis on May 05, 2009 11:14 AM
Puppet of an organisation and puppet of a madam - are different. One follows the ideologies of a group and hence is a puppet. While the other follows the (non-existant) idologies of a madam.

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Re: Re: Re: Manmohan Singh
by piri on May 06, 2009 12:07 AM
Sonia Gandhi is an M.P and the elected president of the Congress. The P.M has every right to discuss party affairs with her. As regards policy matters, they are shaped by the CMP of the ruling alliance and in this, the party president can have her say. There is little use trying to pretend that this is not in order.

Whereas the RSS is a self declared non political organisation and by this very nature and by the fact that it still guides all major stands of the BJP vis-a-vis policy matters would make for an extra-constitutional authority had the BJP been in power.

Understand the difference between the two.

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