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UPA mortaged foreign policy: CPM

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Grape Vine
Only this once I agree with the Comrades.
by Grape Vine on May 02, 2009 10:55 AM  | Hide replies

I agree with Comrade Prakash Karat on this one. Their is no iota of doubt that the Congress party had destroyed the SOVREIGNITY of our foreign policy to fulfill the wishes of a 78 year old economist who threatened to resign if they did not support him on the Nuke deal.
The fact that the trust vote was won by a slender margin should have called of the deal completely. But, No Congress does not think in the interest of the nation, they revolve around individuals.
Congress has only one saleable face that is MMS and no wonder they went to the length to keep him in the party.
Congress is simply misfit to run the country.

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Vinay Gupta
Re: Only this once I agree with the Comrades.
by Vinay Gupta on May 02, 2009 02:05 PM
i am a bitter critic of CPM but what Karat has said is 100% correct

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bimal mohapatra
UPA mortaged foreign policy for nuke deal, says CPM
by bimal mohapatra on May 02, 2009 10:06 AM  | Hide replies

CPM says now that the UPA mortaged India's Foreign policy for nuclear deal. Now the question is hurled at the same CPM or to its ally CPI from which present CPM parted way in 1964 at the behest of China which had with India bhai-bhai bonhomie in 1950s, and attacked in India unprovoked in 1962. India's greatest enemy is China and this nation still occupys Indian territory. Besides, China has clandistine nuclear ralation with India's another dreaded enemy Pak. And, the China is a formidable nuclear power with large nuclear arsenal. India which does not posses weapon grade uranium to build weapons for self defence can not remain an outcaste in nuclear world club. And modern economic growth is energy dependant which Oxbridge educated present CPM leadership know better than any body else. It is also a fact that USA lead the world community including China in Nuclear trade. In view of the above,what wrong the UPA did by signing the treaty with Nuclear Supply Group where USA is a leading member. By not signing treaty,the economy would have been deprived of stimulous ostensively for the Chinese benefit which wants to be world leader by cornoring the most of world business now shared with India. Is the CPM's this opposition not like mortaging Indian foreign policy? Besides,had CPI/CPM not mortaged their foreign policy by opposing Quit India Movement in 1942 at the behest of Mascow? Again in 1962,CPM was openly with China and CPM is silent on Chinese occupation of Indian territoies.

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Govind Lal
Re: UPA mortaged foreign policy for nuke deal, says CPM
by Govind Lal on May 02, 2009 11:23 AM
Don't beat around the bush.
It is true that MMS did surrender our sovereignty to US by signing the black day declaration of 2005. Following this declaration US passed a Law -Hyde act- which is an one sided prescription.
The contentious issues in the Hyde act are here.
1. No freedom to handle spent fuel.
2. No guarantee for alternate fuel supply
3. India is not a technology developer but a recipient.
4. India to side with US in NPT
5. India to participate with US National Security Administration for NPT.
6. Reporting of US President on the efforts of India in containing IRAN.
7. India denied space related dual use technology
8. India denied strategic planning of nuclear programms.
9. Stopped India in the production of fissile materials.
10.No joint move for universal nuclear disarmament.
11.All future agreements are to be in consistent with this act.
To know the debt trap behind the deal read my postings under " 'No downturn for India's nuclear power plan" 22.1.09 rediff.
I wish you come back with comments

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Mahesh G
by Mahesh G on May 02, 2009 09:29 AM

Do they have any policies. i am not aware. in kerala & west bengal they are opposing Cong and its policies. but i am sure after 2009 lokshaba elections they will join with cong to form govt in centre. this is not the first time they are alwys doing the same. opposing cong in one state for CM seat and prasing cong in other neighbouring states. are they ridiculing the voters.

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Mahesh G
Political award 2009
by Mahesh G on May 02, 2009 09:23 AM

The cinema for the year 2004 to 2009 goes to UPA since it has increased the wealth of congress party and its leaders and for making our democracy ridiculous..The best actress award of UPA goes to the one and the one

1. Best actress - Sonia gandhi
2. best hero - ?????????? since no cong men has guts to take leader ship.
3. best play back singer - Lalu prasad yadav.
4. best director - Karunanidhi
5. best choreograper - Mulayam & amar sing
6. best villain - sibu choren
6. best child actor- rahul gandhi
7. best saguni award - Deve gowda
8. best comedian 1 - Manmohan singh
9. best comedian 2 - sivaraj patil
10 best financier award and policemen award - chidambaram.

by this the program comes to an end and UPA tenure also comes to and end. hope and pray to god they should not come again .

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suraj kanthamangala
by suraj kanthamangala on May 02, 2009 09:22 AM  | Hide replies

even though these congressmen have some good leaders , why they still tell rahul & priyanka name? , wht they know about indian history ?. when these congressmen will improve? god knows. they suck the blood of poor people in the name of minority politics, garibhi hatavo, freedom etc. why indian citizens still not understanding the doublegame of congress politics

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Mahesh G
by Mahesh G on May 02, 2009 09:25 AM
dynasty rule should come to end........no congress amn has the guts to take leadership. no need gandhi familyr ule any more for india.

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Raghuvir Prabhuchimulkar
Does CPM have a solution?
by Raghuvir Prabhuchimulkar on May 02, 2009 09:15 AM  | Hide replies

Do you have any solutions to meet the energy demand of the country, if you know what it is. If so, you could have initiated the same when you were supporting the UPA. Please do so when you support the next Government

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Vinay Gupta
Re: Does CPM have a solution?
by Vinay Gupta on May 02, 2009 02:11 PM
yes, there is one solution. Let us sell this country to Italy so that we have enough energy

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Comparison between Black Money gone out & FDI came in
by uday on May 02, 2009 09:10 AM

Total FDI in India since 1991: 103 billion $

Black Money in Swiss Bank : 1500 billion $
Black Money in other banks : Unknown

See yourself that Black Money siphoned out is many many times more than the entire FDI since 1991.

You will be surprised to know that almost half of that FDI too has come from the Tax Havens like Mauritius & Cyprus. One can suspect that it can be the same Black Money which was being re-invested in India.

See the mis-information about FDI.

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Mahesh G
Cong using CBi and courts in its favour........too shame
by Mahesh G on May 02, 2009 09:07 AM

it is too shame congress is using CBI and supreme courts in its favour. They have released jagadish tytler and quotrochi from anti sikh riots case and bofers scam.
on the other hand they have raised case againest modi on post godhra riots. this case has been reopened to charge MOdi .....this is a biased one. last week Kapil sipal has told to media that if modi is not stopping to blame Sonia.he will be put behind bars. Modi is a strong leader he didn't considered such childish comments of kapil sipal. this week cong has reopened the godhra case by using supreme court.

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