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Karnataka tops list in bribing voters

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Karnataka is failed state. there is no law
by padman on Mar 27, 2009 07:16 PM

karnataka people are dummest in the country. they don't know how to control their own state. they are ruled by worst politican like gowda, yudi, bangarappa, dks. their main purpose is to mint money and enjoy power. not just people who vote for money, minister and MP switch party for corporate post, or for big money or for party ticket. Karnataka is a failed state. It is not same as just 3 years ago. Politican brainwashed people and most of the people are just follower of corrupt, communial, criminal politican. Corruption is highest in the country.

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What do u do when we have biased CEC
by komaatha on Mar 26, 2009 03:36 PM

Will CEC Chawla conduct a fair and free elections I doubt
No way CEC Chawla will ensure Congress win
Apropos It is baffling to note the government reject the CEC’s recommendation when Article 324(2) is emphatic that “the other ECs can be removed if the CEC approves their ouster.”

In the beginning, the Election Commission consisted of only the CEC. But the Congress (I) government just before the ninth general election appointed two more Commissioners in an attempt to compromise the independence of the Election Commission. It is curious how the amended rule (on January 2, 1990 by the National Front government), which restored the status quo ante, was negated and the multi-member body continued.

The Constituent Assembly had envisaged such disputes and had asked to constitute a collegium to decide on appointments such as the CEC, ECs to be above partisan politics. But the Administrative Reforms Commission cold-shouldered it. The Apex Court must be given the power to select CEC and ECs from the list given by the government taking the Opposition into confidence.

Hope the EC sticks to its rules and regulations rather than overstep its duties in the ensuing elections.

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