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Congress in a dilemma in Maharashtra

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ravan Raj
Congress wont more than 80 seats
by ravan Raj on Mar 20, 2009 01:15 PM

congress wont win more than 100 seats
by ravan Raj on Mar 20, 2009 01:09 PM Permalink | Hide replies

delhi- 2
jammu& kasmir-0
bihar-3 maximum
--------- --------
Jaiho soniyaji

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sant narasim
NDA vs UPA ?
by sant narasim on Mar 20, 2009 01:07 PM  | Hide replies

When BJD ditched BJP in Orissa (21 MPs), there was lot of pleasure from sickularists, and lot of analysts were predicting collapse of NDA.

Now that SP ditched Cong in UP (80 seats), RJD ditched Cong in Bihar (40 seats), NCP ditches Cong in Mah (48 seats), nobody is talking about the collapse of UPA ?

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karuna karan
Re: NDA vs UPA ?
by karuna karan on Mar 20, 2009 04:42 PM
Everybody is talking and are happy that congress is isolated. Only rediff is not allowing.

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Tathagata Mukherjee
Appears PA Sangma joing BJP!
by Tathagata Mukherjee on Mar 20, 2009 12:08 PM

Another big jolt for psuedos.

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Abdul Jabbaar
Where's the secular media ?
by Abdul Jabbaar on Mar 20, 2009 11:20 AM  | Hide replies

I regret not being a mufti. Had I been one, I would have issued just one fatwa that going with the BJP amounts to committing kufr.” That was senior Congress leader Imran Kidwai speaking at an election rally in Chandigarh on March 15, the BJP told the Election Commission on Thursday.

Kufr, it explained, is blasphemy and disbelieving in the Quran or in any tenets of Islam and a person practising kufr is a kafir.

A party that is still reeling under attacks following Varun Gandhi’s alleged “inflammatory remarks” against a community, stung the Congress on Thursday with a CD expose that shows the head of the Congress’ minority cell invoking Islam to seek votes for the ruling party’s candidate in Chandigarh. The CD was shown to journalists at the BJP headquarters.

When Kidwai spewed venom and sought votes on religious lines at a rally in the neighbourhood of Jama Masjid in the city, AICC in-charge for Punjab Mohsina Kidwai and party candidate and Union Minister Pawan Banswal were also present.

The BJP suspects that Kidwai’s words might have the Congress’ endorsement since the party has neither condemned nor distanced itself from the remarks of the senior party leader.

The BJP, which denied that the CD expose was a tit-for-tat reaction to the Varun Gandhi episode, has petitioned the EC to file a case against Kidwai. The BJP also wants the commission to act against the Congress for not distancing itself from the controversial re

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Sanjeev Singh
Re: Where's the secular media ?
by Sanjeev Singh on Mar 20, 2009 02:06 PM
Abdul Bhai this the hypocracy. Actually no one belives in 'true democarcy, secualrism'. The moto is to grab power. One (BJP)does by splitting venom directly and others (UPA, Congress)do by 'hypocraciy'. We have to taker care of ourslef. Be it Hindu, muslim, Christian in this country -u need to think about self and do something for your own betterment. No govt will help you. You need 'JUGAD' to get govt help and ur religion, caste doesnt matter. Isliye bhai apna bhala socho, aur apna kaam karo Isime apnee taraqee hai. Ye secualrism, communalism etc are just politcal stunt. Earlier LJP was communal (NDA), today LJP is secular (UPA) tomorrow it will be communal (NDA)again.

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Best thing send congress & BJP out of India
by Tamilan on Mar 20, 2009 10:48 AM  | Hide replies

What Pawar, Lalu, Ram Vilas, Mulayam doing is perfectly correct. We must send these congress, BJP out of India. MK in TN also should follow and allot very minimum seat to them. People of TN should not vote for national and anti tamil parties.

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Re: Best thing send congress & BJP out of India
by VINOD TYAGI on Mar 20, 2009 01:51 PM
You Tamilians alike Maharashtriyans are fanatic. You can not see India beyond your own state.MK is TN is a very small regional party, what if it expels national party from TN. It still shall remain a small regional party of a small state.

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karuna karan
Re: Re: Best thing send congress & BJP out of India
by karuna karan on Mar 20, 2009 04:49 PM
Yes. We Tamils are fanatic. So long we believed that MK is the leader of the Tamil. Now he has been unmasked, no real Tamil want to go behind MK. If this UPA is drowned in this election,Tamils will be happy.

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sant narasim
Re: Best thing send congress & BJP out of India
by sant narasim on Mar 20, 2009 01:11 PM
in BJP strong states Karnataka, Gujarat, MP, HP, chatisgadh, there are no regional parties, then who will send BJP out of those states ? Ha Ha.. what a foolish idea sirjeee.

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Amey Joshi
Congress abc!
by Amey Joshi on Mar 20, 2009 10:35 AM

A: Afzal guru not hanged by the congress government in spite of SC order.

B: Bomb blasts happen in hundreds, in 5 years of Congress misrule.

C: Cost of living and food prices rise, making life difficult for Aam aadmi.

D: Dr Manmohan Singh says Muslims have first right to India’s resources.

E: Economy and business suffer like never before (We call Manmohan sing as a Economist)

F: Farmer suicides continue. Where did our money for ‘farmer’s loan waiver’ go?

G: Gujarat police has to provide evidence to enable SIMI ban to continue.

H: Home Minister Shivraj Patil kicked out only after 4.5 years of sleep and 26/11.

I: India bullied by china, but NO diplomatic response by the government.

J: Jihadis offered pension in Kashmir by the congress government.

K: karunanidhi and congress insult Lord Ram and call Ram-setu as a fake.

L: LeT becomes a household name, before congress forced to re-do POTA.

M: Media makes Hindu bashing a fashion.

N: Naxalism active in 165 districts of India.

O: Orissa conversions cause Hindu saint’s death.

P: Padmashri awards not given to Olympic winners.

Q: Quattarochi is helped to escape. Jai Mata Rome (Sonia Gandhi).

R: Report by Sachar committee advocates more minority appeasement.

S: SP’s amar singh calls Batla house encounter as a fake.

T: Torture of Sadhvi Pragnya sanctioned by congress government.

U: UK rule over India was good for India, says PM

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rajendrahegde Hegde
Re: Secular policies are very threat to this nation
by rajendrahegde Hegde on Mar 20, 2009 10:56 AM
Dear shivaraman, I salute U for cosistently airing the truth about the impending problems with Secularists.

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Amey Joshi
Some briliant achievements of Congress-led Govt
by Amey Joshi on Mar 20, 2009 09:23 AM  | Hide replies

2. Bringing convicted Criminals from Jails in parliament to stay in power,
3. Ram Does not exist Affidfavit in the Supreme Court to humiliate Hindus
4. Ram Setu Destruction Plan
5. Amar Nath Land revocation and humiliating Hindus
6. Printing Christian CROSS on Coin Two and One
7. Changing Central School Logo to Cross and Crechent
8. Protecting illegal Bangladeshis making illegal laws
9. Repealing anti-terror law POTA to facilitate terrorists to kill us
10. Defending SIMI terrorist group and saying its Secular organization
11. Cheating Indian Parliament to pass Nuclear deal to make India slave country to USA and western nations
12. Cheating President Kalam to illegally dissolve Bihar assembly
13. Inflation over 12%
14. Price rise in last 4 years manifolds
15. Over a lakh farmers suicides
16. Handling CBI to destroy the proof against Amar and Mulayam who have wealth above his income.
17 . So lists are unlimited.

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deep dar
Re: Some briliant achievements of Congress-led Govt
by deep dar on Mar 20, 2009 09:50 AM
"At the moment, the Congress has 13 seats in Maharashtra and the assessment is that it cannot add to that tally even with an alliance. So the party would have little to lose if it went alone."

If Congress election managers are as stupid and illogical as is indicated by the above line, no one can save them!

Cong has become a doobti naiyya! No amount of opinion polls by 'friendly' media can save them!

BJP rocks!

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vijaya kumar
Prediction for BJP/NDA
by vijaya kumar on Mar 20, 2009 08:53 AM  | Hide replies

People are fed up with UPA. Farmers suicide, stravation deaths, price rise, unemployment, job loss, share market down, bomb blasts every where in the country, Islamic Terrorism in the peak, creation of mini pakistan and mini bangladesh inside india by successive govts. of congress and UPA for vote, crores of Bangladesi and Pak intruders were given vote Identity cards and citizen ship in India who are vote bank of congress/UPA, kashmiri pandits are living other parts of India as refugees., UPA questioned even the existence of God shri. Ramji and bent to break the Ram Sethu. These are the main achievements of Congress for the last 55 years. Congress made India a Pakistan in Making. The wind has already started in favour of BJP/NDA. This time BJP alone will cross 200 mark.

Bihar -30 (40) Karnataka - 22 (28) Gujarat - 24 (26) Orissa 7 (21) MP: 24 (29)Chattisgarh 9 (11)
Assam : 10 (14) Rajasthan : 15 (25) Masharastra : 30 (48) Delhi : 5 (7) Uttranchal 4 (5), Punjab : 9 (13)
UP : 30 (80), Goa 1 (2) , Haryana 6(10) ,Jharkand 8 (14) , Andhra Pradesh 3 (42) , Tamil Nadu 2 (39)
W.B 1 (32) Chandigarh 1 (1) Kerala 1 (20) Himachal 3 (4)

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vijaya kumar
Re: Prediction for BJP/NDA
by vijaya kumar on Mar 20, 2009 08:55 AM
In UP people are now fed up with Maya, Mulayam & Amar Singh. In the last byelection of assembly Maya lost due to low percentage of voting and Upper cast voters bramihns stayed indoor and not come to vote. Now the uppercaste voters who voted for BSP are now drifting away from BSP and this LS election they are going to vote for BJP. This is the ground situation in UP now. Congress is only in few gandhi family seats. Wind has already started in UP in favour of BJP and its alliance with Ajit Singh Lokdal also will help BJP to get more vote of kissan and more seats. It will be a 3 way neck to neck fight between BJP, SP and BSP in U.P this time.
In M.P. BJP is going to sweep the LS with the popularity of CM. His development activities sand welfare schemes are going well with people of MP. MP is going to another Gujrat incase of Development. The same is the case with Chattisgarh. BJP will also sweep Chattisgarh.
In Maharastra the modi is the Incharge for BJP and his campagin will give big results in Maharastra as people are fed up bomb blasts and congress/ncp govt. in Maharastra. In Orissa there will be a three way fight almost neck to neck between BJD, BJP & Congress. In 2004 BJP got 19.3% vote and BJD 30.02%. The percentage of BJP was less as they fought for less no. of seats. This time BJP vote percentage will increase as people want a BJP/NDA Govt. at the centre. Going with

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vijaya kumar
Congress is a communal party
by vijaya kumar on Mar 20, 2009 08:52 AM

Congress people killed more than 5000 sikhs in Delhi and other parts of India, nobody got punished. Congress people/its minority cell burned karsewkas including women and children in the train at Godhra led to violence in Gujarat. Congress people/its minority cell involved in almost all riots and killings happened in India after Independence. Kashmri pundits are thrown out of Kashmir and staying in other parts of India as refugees. Congress questioned even the existence of God Shriramji. Congress has created many mini pakistan and mini Bangladesh in India by giving voting rights and citizen ships to Bangladeshi and pakis and they are now vote banks of congress. Congress is the most dangerous communal party in India. Now India is pakistan in making.

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