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Cong doors are open for me: Sadhu Yadav

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Congress' doors
by Kalyan on Mar 18, 2009 01:12 PM  | Hide replies

Congress' doors are open to every criminal irrespective of their nationality. They are happy to invite you if you are from a minority sect.

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tejparkash thakur
Re: Re: Congress' doors
by tejparkash thakur on Mar 18, 2009 01:33 PM
Yash, Who told you that SukhRam is in BJP? First clear your facts and then write something.Otherwise you will make mockery of you.Sukh Ram is in congress,His son is MLA of congress in Mandi (HP). These congress supporter write anything without knowing nothing.They are just like illiterate oldies people of rural area who votes congress because Gandhiji freed India(As they say).They think that Congress is same as it was 80-100 years ago.Dear Congress supporter,You can support your favourite party because you have the right to do anything but donot put forward your ignorance and make your mockery especially in such forum.

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Amey Joshi
This is what Congress
by Amey Joshi on Mar 18, 2009 01:11 PM

2. Sikhs killed by congress supporters.
3. Using divide and rule policy to divide the society based on religion, caste and region.
4. Cash for vote scam.
5. Bringing convicted Criminals from Jails in parliament to stay in power.
6. Ram Does not exist Affidavit in the Supreme Court to Humiliate Hindus.
7. Ram Setu Destruction Plan and mentioning it as Adam's bridge.
8. Amarnath Land revocation and humiliating Hindus.
9. Printing Christian CROSS on Coin Two and One.
10. Changing Central School Logo to Cross and Crescent.
11. Killing the moral of defence forces by treating them below other civil services.
12. “Saffron terror” term coined to subvert Hindus with the help of biased media.
13. Mutual back scratching of Congress party and Media.
14. Protecting illegal Bangladeshis by making illegal laws.
15. Repealing anti-terror law POTA to facilitate terrorists to kill Indians.
16. Defending SIMI terrorist group and saying its Secular organization.
17. Cheating Indian Parliament to pass Nuclear deal to make India slave country to USA and western nations.
18. Cheating President Kalam to illegally dissolve Bihar assembly.
19. High Inflation during most of its tenure.
20. Price rises manifolds.

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Mahesh Jagga
He is right
by Mahesh Jagga on Mar 18, 2009 01:08 PM

Only statement which is correct that Congress doors are open to him.

In fact Congress doors are open to all turncoats, unprincipled politicians, dynastic rule exponents and other such worms.

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vijaya kumar
Congress is a communal party
by vijaya kumar on Mar 18, 2009 01:08 PM

Congress people killed more than 5000 sikhs in Delhi and other parts of India, nobody got punished. Congress people/its minority cell burned karsewkas including women and children in the train at Godhra led to violence in Gujarat. Congress people/its minority cell involved in almost all riots and killings happened in India after Independence. Kashmri pundits are thrown out of Kashmir and staying in other parts of India as refugees. Congress questioned even the existence of God Shriramji. Congress has created many mini pakistan and mini Bangladesh in India by giving voting rights and citizen ships to Bangladeshi and pakis and they are now vote banks of congress. Congress is the most dangerous communal party in India. Now India is pakistan in making.

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Ravi Roy
Lalu: The Shrewdest Politician
by Ravi Roy on Mar 18, 2009 01:07 PM  | Hide replies

Whatever Lalu has done, its 100% very much far sighted move by him where he did not care about congress and rebelions inside his party.

The way his giant Empire in Indian politics started collapsing due to his deadly defeat by Nitish Kumar in Bihar, it has become very much essential for him to survive in Bihar if he has to become PM of India.
Seeing the present situation of central politics, no party is going to get majority...which means alliances will be made again..and those with higher number of seats will have more command in the government at centre.
lalu knows very well that Congress can't make government at centre on his own and even by including all other allies. Delhi needs RJD from Bihar if UPA has to be formed again.
Sametime there is an aggregation of jokers...the team of opportunists in form of third front where mayawati eyes the PM post. They too would lke to woo lalu.

Lalu knows this number game very well and for his own survival in Bihar and thus in politics he need votes which Ram Vilas enjoys. If he does not do this this time..it would be very late for him and his PM dream.
Yes one thing is sure, despite of this all efforts he is going to see the setback in Bihar even in coming Lok Sabha Poll...Nitish Kumar with a total nononsense clean image has given huge respite to people of Bihar who suffered for 15 years under lalu unforgettably.

Amazing thing is that Nitish Kumar is winning there not by dividing the society but by uniting all!

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P Narayanan
Re: Lalu: The Shrewdest Politician
by P Narayanan on Mar 18, 2009 01:30 PM
Congress party is only responsible for the treatment they have metted with in UP and Bihar. It says there is no coilation at national level which means, if they get simple majority, they can ignore the other partners while forming the ministry. Lalu and Mulayam are also too eager to get better parts of the ministry by getting more members elected of their own. There is nothing unnatural in it. You cannot travel in two boats at a time.

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vijaya kumar
Prediction for Congress
by vijaya kumar on Mar 18, 2009 01:06 PM

Assam 4
Bihar 1 (40)
Chandigarh 0 (1)
Chhattisgarh 2 (11)
Dadra & Nagar 0 (1)
Daman & Diu 0(1)
Goa 1 (2)
Gujarat 2 (26)
Haryana 4 (10)
Himachal 1 (4)
J&K 1 (6)
Jharkhand 2 (14)
Karnataka 4 (28)
MP 05 (29)
Maharashtra 10 (48)
Delhi 2 (7)
Orissa 5 (21)
Punjab 3 (13)
Rajasthan 10 (25)
Uttaranchal 1 (5)
Uttar Pradesh 5 (80)
Andaman & Nicobar Islands 01 (1)
Andhra Pradesh 12 (42)
Arunachal Pradesh 1(2)
Kerala 8 (20)
Lakshadweep 1 (1)
Manipur 1 (2)
Meghalaya 1(2)
Mizoram 1 (1)
Nagaland 1(1)
Pondicherry 0 (1)
Sikkim 1 (1)
Tamil Nadu 5 (39)
Tripura 0 (2)
West Bengal 5

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shashi kadapa
pl put an end to this stupidity
by shashi kadapa on Mar 18, 2009 01:06 PM

Pl stop giving publicity to such stupid and useless people such as this Sadhu character. He is the brother in law of another wasteral Lalu and now both have fallen out. So why are you giving this publicity to such weirdos. Next time you will cover the cook of Lalu who got fired or maybe the Dhobi of lalu.

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