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Manmohan Singh is not weak, says Aamir

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amit gupta
by amit gupta on May 01, 2009 08:20 PM


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sg sg
Bull shit
by sg sg on May 01, 2009 03:52 PM

Amir is nothing more than a supporter of the first family, so his endorsment means nothing. But it actually seems that is was to be parroted in the media b amir to make it seem that the PM is a strong person. amir has sounded out earlier about rahul as pm, so this statement is nothing but a gimmik to counter advani. i would like to ask him what amir has to say on the muslims first right on all resources, and the mumbai blast and terror attack. Im sure he still thinks that the PM is a strong man. About the nuclear deal, I think rahul wanted it more as it would undermine the national security in the coming decades and invite external powers to play in our back yard.

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Amir Khan
by Truth on May 01, 2009 02:27 PM

Amir Khan voted for congress all amir khan's fan vote for congress

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Amir is kicking wrong discussion
by Gandhi on May 01, 2009 03:47 AM  | Hide replies

Even if he has to go to pe e he has to take madams permission. Just few years back he greated Priyanka's two year old son with folded hands and bowed head. The picture of PM was published in News Papaers. Every one knows who is strong and how much? Why is Amir talking and initiating a talk on this subject.

He is almost Massaging Manmohan to make him strong. May be he makes another Tare Jameen pe for Manmohan ji.

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inderjeet singh
Re: Amir is kicking wrong discussion
by inderjeet singh on May 01, 2009 04:38 AM
yes rascals like you the puppets of bjp= bhrtaiye junglee or jhgdaloo party are proved brainless and go for only hinduism and not for nationalism god save our country from fanatics and idiots like you perhaps you dont have thinking power and are puppet of hinduism minus realism which humanity for us religion is for good of people not to fool people jai hind

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Re: Re: Amir is kicking wrong discussion
by shripal on May 01, 2009 10:44 AM
Looks like you don't want to open your eyes. Just want to be under shadow of bolywood or congress. The Fastest developeing state is ruled by BJP. The most developed state is ruled by BJP. People are not fool like you to jump on decision made by some bolywood star. Try to use your own brain and think what is good for nation. AND DO VOTE. (I don't recommend any party. However I believe, BJP is more netural to all casts then congress which likes to play divide and rule policy. dividing Indians based on cast and religion.

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Bharat Varsha
Re: Re: Amir is kicking wrong discussion
by Bharat Varsha on May 01, 2009 10:17 AM
calm down, inderjeet!
and do us a favour, grow up soon and put on some grey matter under ur skull! :-)

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QandA QandA
The Main Campaign slogan from Congress for the last 50 yrs
by QandA QandA on May 01, 2009 12:43 AM

is vote for Communal Harmony..

But look India is now 60 year old and I don't see any communal harmony...

Do you?

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1-2-3 agreement not without approval of Sonia Gandhi
by Observer on Apr 30, 2009 11:12 PM

Even on the strongest note - i.e. 1-2-3 agreement - Dr Manmohan Singh had the take permission from Sonia Gandhi.

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Bharat Varsha
anything else?
by Bharat Varsha on Apr 30, 2009 10:50 PM

I am startled! He is a strong PM because he signed 123 deal?
Amir dude, when you have to say someone is strong categorically...that means neither his actions/deeds/words nor personality is strong enough to make it obvious.
Lions don't have to proclaim that they are the king of the jungle!

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New York
Advani has FAILED to answer MMS's simple question till date.
by New York on Apr 30, 2009 10:37 PM  | Hide replies

* What did Advani accomplish for India? (demolish BABRI MASJID?)
* MMS personal contribution to India is inking NUCLEAR DEAL with Nuclear Suppliers Group.

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Re: Advani has FAILED to answer MMS's simple question till date.
by shripal on May 01, 2009 11:07 AM
Looks like you know too little of INDIA and think you know everything of INDIA. Just for your infomation. MMS when became finance min for the first time, marked boomed and them crashed like a faling building. lakes of investors lost their hard earned money. Same is repeating now with the same person now PM. Signing NUCLEAR DEAL cannot be a big achievement if we are not able to secure NUCLEAR FUEL. Try to go thru news daily. India is facing hard time in securing this fuel. Just buying generators without fuel is like having a gun but no bullets. Further any step towards developement of nuclear warfare will result in cancelation of this deal. China the bigest threat to INDIA is far more powerful then us. and have more nuclear power then INDIA. Just think.....

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Re: Re: Advani has FAILED to answer MMS's simple question till d
by Guest on May 11, 2009 08:30 PM
Mr, u know neither economics, nor indian economic history. Dr Singh's 1991-95 stint as finance minister started the process of economic reforms. India was close to bankruptcy when he took charge, forex reserves were only $1b. Today we have $248b. All because of Dr Singh and PV Narasimha Rao. Have a look at the bestseller "The world is flat".
Regarding economics, stock market is based on speculation, and is no measure of a country's economy. GDP is. And during Singh as PM, India has recorded unprecendented GDP growth, peaking at 9.5%, to become world's second fastest growing major econonmy. This has happened for the first time. No one has fone more service to India.

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QandA QandA
Re: Advani has FAILED to answer MMS's simple question till date.
by QandA QandA on May 01, 2009 12:41 AM
OK.. An attack happens on Mumbai. 100 people killed over multiple days... Home Minister resigns. CM of Maharashtra resigns..

But the remote control who holds all the power in New Delhi has no accountability... MMS is holding a Prime Minister's post who is not even representing a small section of the people of India... MMS was appointed by Sonia as if some is appointed for a CEO of a company...

When Politicians don't represent the representaties and when people in power including remote controllers are not held accountable that is when the country becomes a BANANA REPUBLIC..

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Alroy Rodrigues
Re: Re: Advani has FAILED to answer MMS's simple question till d
by Alroy Rodrigues on May 01, 2009 01:05 PM
MMS was appointed when the neo-fascist BJP disrespected and dishonoured the mandate of the voting public which voted Congress to power. As leader of the Congress Sonia Gandhi should have become PM. In order not to cause division, she renounced her claim.

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b r
ignore this guy
by b r on Apr 30, 2009 09:56 PM







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