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''We have enough talent for PM candidate''

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Tarun Mukherjee
CPI is all bakhawas- it can;t win even 1 MLA seat without others
by Tarun Mukherjee on Apr 29, 2009 09:51 AM

CPI is all bakhawas- it can;t win even 1 MLA seat without others help. Forget MP seat.

CPI is all media talk show.

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New York
by New York on Apr 29, 2009 07:27 AM

* Communist leaders in India are real hypocrites.
* They advocate anti-capitalism to Indians.

Almost all Communist leaders have sent their sons and daughters to America as immigrants in the pretext of higher studies.

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Pat Thakur
In India.....
by Pat Thakur on Apr 28, 2009 06:24 PM  | Hide replies

a) The post of PM needs just one qualification - GANDHI Surname.

b) & the post of President needs just one criteria - GANDHI Khandaan Chaatu.

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Re: In India.....
by siddharth on Apr 28, 2009 06:30 PM
outcome of ur research mean vajpayee all his life was doing same(chaatu).ur not advani(barking loud to make apoint)(master of lies) naa very dissapointed person now.

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by AnUnknownIndian on Apr 28, 2009 05:59 PM

CHOWRAMASWAMY rightly said, If left has future in India, India has no future left.

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Gokul Sharma
Enough Talent for PM -- Comment
by Gokul Sharma on Apr 28, 2009 04:56 PM

What Mr. D. Raja of CPI have said about having enough talent within CPM/CPI to become PM of the country is not acceptable. Rather, it exposes the character of greediness for power of the Indian Politicians, most of whom are not having the essential talents required to become a public representative, either MP or MLA. Real talented persons are not contesting the elections gracefully, not because they are afraid of real democratic debate, but because of the nasty and criminalised politics of so-called democracy in India. That is why, Govts. have to often practically select/ choose the talented persons from the nominated members from Rajya Sabha to become Ministers, CEO's etc., only help run the Govt. effectively. So, I believe that the political parties would converse to choose the most talented persons (public representatives) to become PM or Ministers to run the country, without fighting amongst the parties, like Congress, BJP, CPI/CPM, NCP, BSP, SP, JDU and many more dozens. Of course, that is practically the real talent, required in our complex country of politics, to govern it effectively.

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by Patriot on Apr 28, 2009 03:42 PM

Every second child we see daily in india should be malnourished if the report is correct. They talk about poor and their organizations always headed by upper caste, highly educated classes, always reluctant to give the leadership to dalits.Their reserchers never have seen the real situations of poverty, which is apprent from what they weite, yet they want to crticise the Ruling centrist or rightist governments just for criticism sake. My sncere advic e to the Indian communists is to come down to earth review your policies and be yours the the peoples party as people see it and not just if you declare yourself. I am very doubtful, the Indian commuists can ever have a PM candidate in the future, once they denied the opportunty to the most deserving of them , comrade JYothi Basu

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Abishek Reddy
Rahul baba for PM
by Abishek Reddy on Apr 28, 2009 03:33 PM  | Hide replies

We need young blood. We need an educated young person like Rahul to come to become PM and achieve greatness like Mahatma

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raghvendra singh
Re: Rahul baba for PM
by raghvendra singh on Apr 28, 2009 04:42 PM
Please give him time to gain more experience first.

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Re: Rahul baba for PM
by AnUnknownIndian on Apr 28, 2009 06:00 PM
Rahul educated? whats his qualification????

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Re: Re: Rahul baba for PM
by siddharth on Apr 28, 2009 06:32 PM
do u think advani is an educated person?

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Re: Re: Re: Rahul baba for PM
by Twister on Apr 30, 2009 07:32 AM
Yes he is educated. Whats the doubt on this fact?

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Enough Talent to Post Mortem
by Patriot on Apr 28, 2009 03:30 PM

Yes, you have talent for postmortem. Indian Communists never helped this country antway. They supported China in the Indo-China war. Yhey never supported India in boarder disputes with China.They always adopted a dual Policy. Whatever China believed good for their country is not suited for India according to them. Economic Reforms started 14 years earlier to What India did. Communists were against liberlisation in India. China promoted its Industrial policy by setting up SEZs. Indian communists made a hue and cry about settig uo Indian SEZs discouraged in non communist states but in Weest Bengal the followed SEZ policy vigourously by acquiring the wet green fields. There is high level corruption in communist ruled states and Kerala and West Bengal rated as more corrupt states according to the survey reports, Yet the call Sona or congress chief Ministers as corrupt hiding their own chief Ministers. China introduced Mall culture 15 years before India did, but Indian communists are against organised retail in India. By their dubious distinction appreciate growth of China under autocratic Rule, where as they create hurdles to India not to grow further. Their leftist researchers from JNU, publicise that almost more than 80 per cent of Indians are poor and 45 per cent of children are malnourished. and for all that the existing Governments are responsible. If this statement is correct every eight of 10 people we daily see shoukd be poor in India and every second child we see should.

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chandrashekar nayak
by chandrashekar nayak on Apr 28, 2009 01:41 PM

Every time D Raja opens his stinking mouth, Stock Market will shed some extra pounds. So, Mr Raja, pls shut your dirty mouth.Prime Minister form Left party is tha last thing India wants at present.

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chanakya maurya
A very unfortunate & ironical situation for Bharatvarsh.
by chanakya maurya on Apr 28, 2009 01:27 PM  | Hide replies

The people are going to the polls.

And yet they are unaware of who is going to become the Prime Minister !

Is that not a big democratic joke on the people of Bharatvarsh ?

And that too in the name of free and fair elections under the constitution.

Either something is politically incorrect with the provisions of the constitution.

Or, are the people of Bhaaratvarsh are still in a quandary after 60 years of independence ?

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Re: A very unfortunate & ironical situation for Bharatvarsh.
by Patriot on Apr 28, 2009 03:50 PM
It is only communists that they do not know their PM, because they are no t going to get more than 30 seats in the present elections and they can not even dream about having their PM. Yet they do not accept the fact. They say that their cnaddiate is going to be the next PM. But the entire country knows that Dr Manmohan Singh is our next PM, which will be known to the communists after May 16thm much to their deslike.

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chanakya maurya
Re: Re: A very unfortunate & ironical situation for Bharatvar
by chanakya maurya on Apr 28, 2009 04:28 PM
My dear Patriot,

Apart from the two main contenders, i.e. the safed topi and the saffron, there also the third morcha whose PM is not yet named.

Besides, be that the safed topi, or the saffron, further support is going to be inevitable for the formation of the govt.

Here, the collaborator party might dictate a PM of their own. If however the consensus ultimately prevails either for Manmohan or Lalji, and the collaborator settles for Home, Finance or Defence (or perhaps say a reinstatement of Lallu for the rail) it is well and good for Bharatvarsh.

It is the Mayawati factor that worries the nation the most.

The smell in the air suggests Manmohan or Lalji with more leaning for Manmohan. Lalji's age factor is somewhat counter-productive for the saffron.

However, the picture is so hazy that a pessimist is kind of fearful.

Manmohan tilt is definitely visible, but again who comes to support the next UPA circus is very crucial.

The present one had been very bitter and unpalatable.

Let us hope that the post may 16th situation is not more unsavory.

The nation is in dire need of a stable government no matter how corrupt it may be.

The people of Bharatvarsh have to a certain extent reconciled with the corruption leading to entire corrupt government.

An indispensable recipe to form a government in Bharatvarsh.

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