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No rains. What can I do?: MP CM

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ruchi sharma
bakbak karo
by ruchi sharma on Apr 28, 2009 08:29 AM

bakbak about anything you want @ BAKBAK(.)IN

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New York
BJP leaders are mentally ill.
by New York on Apr 27, 2009 09:09 PM  | Hide replies

Check their statements.

Rajnath - I am Bride
Rajnath - Delhi is Bride Groom

Atal - Advani is Ram
Atal - Promod is Lakshman
Venkaiah - I am Hanuman
Sushma - I am Squirrel

Venkaiah - Atal is Vikas Purush
Venkaiah - Advani is Loh Purush
Murali - Venkaiah is No Purush

Advani - I am PM in waiting
Rajnath - I am also PM in waiting
Shekawat - I am also PM in waiting
Atal - Advani is PM candidate
Modi - Advani will be PM candidate in 2014

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deep dar
Re: BJP leaders are mentally ill.
by deep dar on Apr 28, 2009 10:15 AM
u worry more about Cong which is now looking at Priyanka's children for the post of PM!!!

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vijay kering
Re: Re: BJP leaders are mentally ill.
by vijay kering on Apr 28, 2009 03:33 PM
well said boy

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abboral boral
An idea to CM
by abboral boral on Apr 27, 2009 04:21 PM

I think Modi and Gujarat will show India how they are focusing Rural Gujarat developments.Every village in Gujarat have now black top roads ,electricity 24x7 .India is having 1 billion people and out of which 70 % people live in the rural India where developments like city and urban India has not reached properly last 60 years .Sadly our finance systems follows western cultures .Bank needs circulation of money to greater no people but instead they concentrate on developing only city and urban India where demands have quized considerably .In order to revibe our economy the following steps must be taken by the banks and authority
1. Reach emediately to Rural India by closing 50 % city based branches
2. Transfer people to rural India to serve the people (those who are willing to sacrifice their interests for a great cause )
3. logical interest should be for people (salary and non salary) --3% ,for farmers--2%,SMEs--1%,Large Industries -2%

In this way large no of people can be covered and an all round developments in IT,ruraltourism,rural roads,and infrastructures ,education ,health and lastly a new subject like RURAL SECURITY can be seen within 5 years .
Mantra is improve the purchasing power of more no of rural people to boost economy .

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