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''We are creating two Indias''

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Pessimistic leaders
by Rationalist on Apr 27, 2009 04:41 PM  | Hide replies

See the young leaders of Congress like Sachin Pilot Jr.Scindia. They do'nt have any ambition. Their highest ambition is to be the best slave of Gandhi family. How can a country with leaders who are so defensive and limited imagination can think far about being a superpower. All such a nation think of is ensuring that Gandhi family is ruling. On the other hand, BJP is full of leaders each of them challenging the other ensuring that the best person is what people get.

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Umashanker Kapoor
Re: Pessimistic leaders
by Umashanker Kapoor on Apr 27, 2009 08:26 PM
yes the young like sachin pilot does not have ambition. THE YUNG IN CONDI SHUD BE BOLD LIKE THE ONE IN BBJJPP WHO SPEAKS OF CUTTING OFF OF HANDS. but these leaders are not defensive' defensive are the bbjjpp's upcomming young leaders and the oldies who did not have the guts to question in parl : weak PM (the would have got the reply then and there only, why wait five years), black/brown monies, swish accounts, afzaaal gruuus hanging, minorities' appeasement instead of cutting off of hands, and many other things which they are now drum beating and breast beating on public platforms. MUGHALS CAME AND GOT ELIMINATED, BRITISH CAME AND WERE FORCED TO LEAVE. HEEENDOOOS WERE CONTENT AT THAT TIME AND THEY ARE CONTENT NOW. WHY REMOVE THE SHINING OF THE SUPERB RELIGION. HEEENDOOOS ARE RESPECTED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. the bbjjpp is full of only rehortic leaders, some challanging the govet to arreat them of hang them publically, some new one are bringing tougher laws like cutting off of hands. the same leaders u are talking off praise jinnah, give v v i p treatment to the terrorists in their release to freedom, cowardly act of withdrawing almost entire army to borders for around a year and not firing a single shot. PSSIBLY WUTH THE NOW LOOO PURUSH, MUSCLE MAN FROM STATE NUMBER ONE, AND THE MAN PROPOSING CUTTING OFF OF HANDS, WILL NOW BLOW THE PAKI OUT OF THIS WORLD, WHICH THEY CUD NOT DO IN THEIR LAST RULE 5 YEARS BACK.

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abboral boral
Two India
by abboral boral on Apr 27, 2009 04:09 PM  | Hide replies

Yes last 60 years we have created two India .One India with 25 % population live in city ,prospered ,developed and focused as real India to out side world but other India with 70% populations lived in rural areas ,underdeveloped is called Rural India
Ist India is now suffering from financial meltdown having demands choked and other Rural India is sitting on creating demand .So who do we want as India ? decide and do for right India .

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Umashanker Kapoor
Re: Two India
by Umashanker Kapoor on Apr 27, 2009 08:41 PM
lakji mah is not talking of this in his public meetings. he is just worried about black/brown monies, swish accounts, weak PM, afzaaa gruuuji mah. he shud take up these issues on public platform at least, because he could not take of these issues in parl (because he did not have tiem). BUT RECENTLY BBJJPP HAS DEVELOPED ONE STATE TO BECOME THE STATE NUMBER ONE OF INDIA (COURTESY THE MUSCLE MAN) AND AN SURE THE REST OF THE STATES WOULD BECOME NUMERO UNO. THE STATE NUMBER ONE IS NOW TRYING TO GET THE STATUS OF STATE NUMBER ONE IN THE WORLD. lkaji mah has promised lap tops for the rural population, SO WITH BBJJPP INDIA WILL BECOME SUPER POWER.

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abboral boral
Re: Two India
by abboral boral on Apr 27, 2009 04:13 PM
Indian Tourism Industries could not develop as should be last 19 years due to fact that they have grown only for rich people and never bothered for 70 % lower middle classs and rural populations and Even could not develop new destinations as well ,I feel there is a huge scope in rural tourism like developing 4/5 scenic villages into one destinations where some river,some flowra,fauna,spring,pond ,small hillocks,with ethinic ,heritage,people,halls are available along with crop farming like wheat,rice ,sugar cane etc etc .India having 65 lakh villages can do wonder by promoting rural tourism with the help of village people itself for fooding,lodging ,camel.bullock cart driving .Its wonderfull when you live in a village with all these but if we can develop these villages into travel destinations then it become industries .If we can at least 20 % of these villages develop to rural tourism then there will be at least 10 lakh employment of rural populations with opening of some kind of one training institute on rural tourism to town level will create another 2 lakh jobs. This low budget rural tourism will attract large no of middle class as well as rich people domestically as well as internationally .As security can be a problem and to solve that we can create rural tourism police force also and another 10 lakh job creations .All these can be debvelop on 50-50 JV with GOV and PVT bodies. I think RT is the answer in this hour of financial crisis and improving purchasing power

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Sasank Nayak
What a crap Journo!
by Sasank Nayak on Apr 27, 2009 04:06 PM  | Hide replies

This P. krishna Kumar is such a crap journo that he let down the golden oppertunity to nail one of these crap politician. The proceedings Should have gone this way:

S.Pilot: My biggest worry is that we are creating two Indias.

Krishna Kumar: Of the two Indias you mentioned, which India you belong to?

Job done to shut this hypocrite's mouth.

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Umashanker Kapoor
Re: What a crap Journo!
by Umashanker Kapoor on Apr 27, 2009 08:43 PM
jinnah secularsim one.

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by sankarguru on Apr 27, 2009 03:55 PM

Hi everybody, go and cast ur vote; otherwise, you may have lost the last chance to vote and save ur motherland. Go and vote if u have something in u. I dare u people to go and vote. Vote now or never.

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D goel
Progeny of Old Game Keepers of Gandhian Rulers!
by D goel on Apr 27, 2009 03:42 PM

D. Goel ,Pkl., afternoon, 340pm, Monday, 27th April 2009.
Being a voter since first general election under the Indian Republican Constitution , in Feb. 1952 as a student in Allahabad ,I am amused on the Puppy talk ofsuch elite "Puppy " politicians like Jyotiraditya ,Sachin Pilot , Rahul and Priyanka and even Varun.
The dynastic syndrome does go round in the entire scenario from amongst the family heirlooms of Congress elders, Socialists , Jansanghis , even communists ChandraBabu Naidus , Karunnidhis , Charan Singh , Lalu's Kinsmen or Pawars as well as Bal Thackeray.
We must cut this whole familial appendage to public office, soonest, if we do not want to deny ourselves any value that democracy alone may
deliver to our very close Power mongering cliques.D. Goel

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bc maheshwari
pseudo secular congress
by bc maheshwari on Apr 27, 2009 03:31 PM  | Hide replies

The average Indian is unspeakably complacent because unprecedented material rewards have become available to many of them and superficial Westernisation obviates any sense of responsibility for their mainly unwashed fellow-citizens. The serious dangers germinating and growing for India do not exercise them much though it will come upon them suddenly one day. In reality, the penultimate scenario is the calamity faced by Kashmiri Pandits. They were the victims of ethnic cleansing and the quasi-Islamic state that resulted in its aftermath is merely under nominal Indian control. Local Muslims have successfully wrested virtually everything they sought except their ultimate goal, legal sovereignty. The intermediate situation elsewhere is the freedom enjoyed by Jihadi front organisations that operate in brazen contravention of all legality and enter into formal political alliances with mainstream Indian political parties unhindered. In addition, Jihadi mobs are able to impose unlawful demands on a catamite political class, expelling Taslima Nasrin’s from Kolkata and effectively incarcerating her under the guise of protection. hindus wake up or it will be too late.

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Re: pseudo secular congress
by arjun on Apr 27, 2009 08:07 PM

Thilaks are not copy protected.......

Any one could use that...
dont cry.....

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Nilayan Mukherjee
Sachin my only ? 2 u is
by Nilayan Mukherjee on Apr 27, 2009 03:29 PM

whose handiwork is Pak?

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